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Report given by David W. Osburn, General Manager of Richmond Power and Light and Charles Peck, Computer Science Convenor at Earlham College, at Waynet, Inc.'s annual meeting on Monday, September 28, 1998.

Community-Wide Networks

  • The role of information has always been important in any society
  • Today, however, it has become a significant factor in any business.  This trend has been increasing exponentially and will continue.
  • In recent years, this has expanded into our homes and schools.  Virtually every part of the community relies upon information.
  • Therefore, the community infrastructure needs to be in place to deliver the information in a reliable, expedient, and cost-effective manner.
  • The world is rapidly shifting to a knowledge-based economy.  Communities need a high capacity information network to compete in a global market.
  • The development of a community-wide digital network offers significant benefits to the entire community.

Services and Benefits to the Community

City/Government Functions

  • Cost-effective high-speed Internet Access
  • Video Conferencing
  • Public access to government records and officials
  • Public safety
  • Computer assisted dispatch
  • Home detention
  • Video arraignment


  • Cost-effective high-speed Internet Access
  • Distance learning and virtual field-trips
  • Improved utilization of resources


  • Cost-effective high-speed Internet Access
  • Video conferencing
  • Support for knowledge-based industries
  • Improved utilization of resources
  • Medical consultations

In the Home

  • Cost-effective high-speed Internet Access
  • Automatic meter reading (for utilities)
  • Outpatient monitoring
  • Access to school information and personnel for parents and students

What's Happening Now

  • Video based classes for Centerville and Richmond Community Schools
  • Cost-effective Internet access for government, schools and local businesses.
  • Examples:

    • Wayne County Government
    • City of Richmond
    • Richmond Community Schools
    • Kessler's

What's Happening Elsewhere

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