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Waynet Executive Board Meeting
July 20, 2006


  • Misty Hollis, President (Wayne County Visioning)
  • Gary Arndts, Vice President/Treasurer (Marketing and Creative Services)
  • Jim Buckler, Secretary (WorkOne)
  • Jane Holman, Executive Director, Ex Officio, (WayNet.org)
  • Randy Baker (Richmond Power & Light)
  • Valerie Biggs (Richmond Community Schools)
  • Aaron Hill (City of Richmond)
  • Jodi Johnson (Western Wayne Schools)

Call to Order
President Misty Hollis called the meeting to order at 12:07 PM in the large conference room at Richmond Power & Light. A quorum was present.

Minutes from the May meeting were reviewed. Jodi Johnson moved to approve the May minutes; Randy Baker seconded the motion. May minutes were approved. Minutes from the June meeting were reviewed. Valerie Biggs moved to approve the June minutes; Jim Buckler seconded. June minutes were approved.

Old Business
No fee waivers were presented.

The financial balance sheet was reviewed. Income improved for June due to receipt of a Platinum membership and other new member payments. Printing and Advertising expenses increased due to printing of the postcards, letterhead and envelopes and other related expenses because of the advertising campaign in June. The balance at the end of June was $12,653.12, $886.38 higher than the balance at the end of May. Jim Buckler moved to approve the financial report; Jodi Johnson seconded. The financial report was approved.

Progress on the conversion to 501(c) (3) status was reviewed. The change in status was not approved by July 1st as was hoped to save the extra expense for the filing cost of $400. (John Zetzl graciously agreed to contribute $200 to offset the extra cost of filing.) It was decided that based on the current Articles of Incorporation, a membership meeting must be called with a 10 day notice to vote on a change in the Articles of Incorporation and By-laws. A quorum for that meeting is defined as number of members at least equal to the number of board of directors. It was decided to combine the September board meeting and the Annual meeting and set it for September 21st at noon at R P & L. The election of officers and installation of new members will take place at that meeting. Jane will poll board members to determine number of vacancies for those positions expiring and ask all board members to offer nominees for vacant positions as well as slate of officers. In order to take advantage of this opportunity to change the Articles and By-laws, Jane, Misty and other board members may be asked to review them to make any other changes that should be proposed at the Annual meeting.

New Business
The Marketing Committee report was presented. The marketing campaign consisted of a round of WayNet postcards being sent to a targeted list of potential members followed up with a letter reminder, application and postcard. Also postcards were sent to current members to thank them for their continued support. So far at least one new member can be attributed to the mailing and probably several more resulting in an increase of $1200 in membership income. Board members were asked to select five businesses from the list Jane provided that would be most likely prospects for new members to make a follow-up phone call.

Jane presented the Executive Director’s report. She reported on the increase in membership and additional income. She detailed marketing and advertising activity mainly related to the marketing campaign and associated mailings. She reported on the activity with John Zetzl related to the tax status conversion and other web site maintenance activity. Log analysis indicated 2nd quarter of 2006 is up 42% over 2nd quarter 2005. Average users per month are 56,504.

Misty informed the board of a personnel item involving Jane’s acceptance of another part time position with Summersault. Jane has been offered 10-15 hours at Summersault as a Sales & Marketing Coordinator. She has asked the Executive Board to review the offer so as to preclude any issues with conflict of interest. Chris Hardie also addressed a letter to the board indicating his intention to offer Jane this position to avoid any potential conflict. It was the consensus of the board this arrangement with Summersault presented no issues and Jane could go forward with the job at Summersault.

As there was no further business the meeting adjourned at 12:58 PM. The next board meeting will be combined with the annual meeting on September 21st, 2006 at noon, Richmond Power & Light.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Buckler


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