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Waynet Executive Board Meeting
November 17, 2005


  • Misty Hollis, President (Wayne County Visioning)

  • Gary Arndts, Vice-President/Treasurer (Marketing & Creative Services)

  • Jim Buckler, Secretary (WorkOne)

  • Jane Holman, Executive Director, Ex Officio, (WayNet.org)

  • Randy Baker (Richmond Power & Light)

  • Dudley Fetzer (First Richmond)

  • Jodi Johnson (Western Wayne Schools)

  • Robin Henry (West End Bank)

  • Aaron Hill (City of Richmond)

Call to Order
President Misty Hollis called the meeting to order at 12:05 PM in the Board room at Richmond Power & Light. There was a quorum.

Minutes for the September meeting were reviewed. Jodi Johnson made the motion to approve, Randy Baker seconded the motion. September minutes were approved. The Annual Meeting minutes were reviewed. Robin Henry made the motion to approve, Gary Arndts seconded the motion. The minutes were approved as presented.

Old Business

A fee-waiver was requested for Neighborhood Services Clearinghouse. Their financial status was discussed along with their history with WayNet. They have a web page on WayNet. Consensus was that it was of value to maintain their presence on WayNet. Jim Buckler moved to approve the fee-waiver and Jodi Johnson seconded the motion. The motion was approved.

The financial balance sheet for 2005 through September was reviewed. Estimates of income and expenses were given for November. Expectation is there will be an estimated net balance of $1,000 less than 2004 at the end of 2005. Since there was no detail on the balance sheet since September there was no need for approval.

Status of WayNet changing from a 501 (c)-4 to (c)-3 was again discussed. WayNet documents have not been collected from Tom Kemp. Jane still intends to pursue use of Morrison Reeves attorneys to prepare the documents and applications. Potential cost for private attorney to do the work could be anywhere from one to five thousand dollars. The Indiana State network association will at some point be disbanded and WayNet needs to be a (c)-3 to accept any share of their assets. Assignments for follow-up are as follows.
-Misty will collect WayNet documents from Tom Kemp.
-Jane will meet with Carol Smyth to pursue ability to use Morrison Reeves legal counsel.
-Robin will review needed documents and by-laws to see what we might be able to do on our own.

New Business
Committee groups and assignments were reviewed. Gary Arndts agreed to act as chair of the Marketing group in place of Jim Buckler.

Technology (TC)

Marketing/Public Relations (MC)

Vision/Mission/Programs (VC)

Randy Baker*
Dudley Fetzer
Aaron Hill
Eric Synnestvedt
Chris Hardie
Jane Holman

Gary Arndts*
Jim Buckler
Robin Henry
Jodi Johnson
Jane Holman

Tom Kirk*
Carol Smyth
Valerie Biggs
Bill Pendley
Misty Hollis
Jane Holman

The new Flickr photo sharing service offered through WayNet was discussed. WayNet has a group established for sharing Wayne County photos. Members can register and share their personal photos. There are currently 10 members, not all of whom are sharing. Flickr, part of the Yahoo group, does control overall content of photos regarding pornography related issues. It is up to the local group to set parameters for what should be allowed to be shared in the group beyond that control. The question was raised about landscape photos outside of Wayne County. The example was one of Whitewater State Park in Union County. All agreed that as a landscape picture it could be viewed as artistic and also we can look at Wayne County "area" versus photos of distant places. Also Jane will be adding Dudley Fetzer and Jim Buckler as administrators (since they are already registered as members of the Flickr group) to be additional administrators along with Jane in case of her absence.

Executive Director's Report
Jane presented the Executive Director's report. White River Architectural Salvage & Antiques was added as a new basic member. WQLK/WHON (Kicks96) was removed as a sponsoring member.

Jane participated in the Chamber of Commerce's "Taste of Wayne County" event. Sponsorship fee of $250 was paid by the Palladium-Item. Candy with "WayNet.org" stickers was given out. Responses to the web site were positive for those who recognized WayNet. Some were not aware of it.

A page was created for "Meeting and Events Facilities" with an update form. This will provide a central location for locating conference room facilities in Wayne County. Early reaction indicates this will be a valued service through WayNet. A new web page was created for "Riverside Trails." An issue arose with discussion entries on Talk of the Town. After consulting with board members the objectionable entries were removed. Jane has proposed to work together with Hagerstown FFA, a long-standing member with a page on WayNet to develop a new quiz featuring Agriculture for the WayNet "Quiz" section. Other miscellaneous routine maintenance was reported as well.

Log analysis indicates an average of 38,313 users per month. Unique visitors are around 25,000 per month. User sessions increased by 28% over the same time period (third quarter) last year.

President Misty Hollis encouraged board members to promote WayNet among business associates and friends. As there was no further business the meeting adjourned at 1:00 PM. The next regular board meeting will be January 19th, 2006 at noon, Richmond Power & Light.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Buckler

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