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Waynet Executive Board Meeting
March 18, 200


• Randy Baker, President (Richmond Power & Light)
• Thomas G. Kirk, Jr., Vice-President/Treasurer (Earlham College)
• Jim Buckler (Richmond WorkOne)
• Dudley Fetzer (First Bank Richmond)
• Chris Hardie (Summersault)
• Misty Hollis (Wayne County Government)
• Bill Pendley (Potter’s Wheel Bed & Breakfast)
• Jane Holman, Executive Director (Ex Officio)

12 Noon – Call to Order – Randy Baker presiding.

Old Business
The minutes of the Executive Board meeting of March 18 were approved. Dudley Fetzer made the motion and Jim Buckler seconded.

After discussion on a request for a fee waiver by Community Christian School, it was granted. The motion was by Tom Kirk, seconded by Misty Hollis and unanimously approved.

The balance sheet for the period January through February 2004 was reviewed. It showed little activity since it is early in the fiscal year. Revenues were $1,327.50 and expenses $1,860.87. Misty Hollis moved to accept the report. It was seconded by Dudley Fetzer and approved unanimously.

The Executive Board considered the budget for 2004 that had been postponed from the previous meeting. A revised budget was distributed with two revisions from the previous version (increase Professional Services from $500 to $740 to cover the fees for hosting and domain forwarding, and increase the Insurance line item from $400 to $675). With discussion the budget was moved for approval by Tom Kirk and seconded by Misty Hollis. The budget was approved unanimously.

New Business

Executive Director’s Report

Jane Holman presented the Executive Director’s report. The last two months have been spent coping with the technical problems as fall-out from the Hypervine server going down for some 12 hours. Although the system eventually came back up Jane made the decision in consultation with Randy Baker, President and Chris Hardie, past president to move the site to a new service provider –amhosting. Part of the site remains at Summersault. While the change required a great deal of work by Jane, often with extensive changing of links, she was able to do some much needed house keeping.

Other activities of the past two months have included Web site maintenance and enhancement and some initial work on the “Encyclopedia of Wayne County Project.” The latter project is now on track with Shaun Dingwerth writing the text and Jane photographing the illustrative material.

The log analysis of the WayNet site’s uses reflects the down time and the disruption of service while Jane rebuilt the site.

Jane demonstrated the new services provided by the amhosting server. The statistical analysis is more robust and there are additional management features that will make her job somewhat easier.

Jane asked the Executive Board for some help in setting priorities. She can set the priorities but wants to be sure she is on the same page with the Board. The consensus reached was that the completion of the Encyclopedia of Wayne County Project and the enhancement of the Web site were the top priority, with marketing second (or third) and the conversion of the remaining pieces of the site from Summersault’s server to amhosting last. Jane is comfortable with that set of priorities.

Marketing Committee Report

The Committee and Jane Holman met with Harry Phillips from RP&L to discuss marketing. His philosophy focuses on what he calls "Purple Cow" marketing. By this he means finding the niche for your business and exploiting it. In the discussion that followed which blended with the next item the following points were made.

Niche marketing can involve a focused audience or a focused set of services, but in either case it is important the organization understand what its purpose is and focus its attention on meeting that purpose and marketing that purpose.
He suggested that newspaper and radio advertising might not be the best advertising media. He suggested such things as appearance at events and on radio provides free advertising and that paid advertising might be more effective it is used for sponsored activities.

Discussion: membership/budget structure

The above discussion led back to pick up the January Executive Board discussion and the tasks it set for itself. To quote from those minutes:
After some discussion, the board, on a motion by Chris Hardie and a second by Jim Buckler, directed President Baker to appoint a steering committee to explore options for a 501(c)3 organization.

Randy Baker reported that with the technical problems that were consuming Jane’s time this hasn’t been a good time to get the committee started. All agreed. However the opinion was expressed that we need to move forward with planning in order to put in place a plan before the budget for 2005 is presented. It was suggested that whatever we do there are likely to be some expenses and we need to get the plan underway before the reserves are depleted.

The meeting adjourned at 1:25 PM. The next meeting will be May 20 at 12 Noon, with lunch at 11:30 AM at Richmond Power & Light.
Note: Other regular meetings this year: July 15, September 16 and November 18.

Respectfully submitted,
Tom Kirk
Secretary, pro tem


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