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Waynet Board Meeting
November 13, 2001

Chris Hardie (President), Bill O'Hara (Vice-President/Treasurer), Randy Baker, Pam Frantz, Jim Buckler, E. Thomas Kemp, Rodger Smith, Amy Spears, Nancy Wilson, Carol Smyth, Jane Holman (Executive Director), Tom Kirk (Secretary).

Called to Order:
Chris Hardie called the meeting to order at 12:00 Noon.

The minutes of the October 9, 2001 were reviewed and Rodger Smith moved approval of the minutes. Upon a second by Jim Buckler the minutes were approved by voice vote.

Old Business
There was no old business.

New Business:
A. There were no Fee-Waivers presented for approval.

B. Jane Holman gave the Executive Director's report. This report is posted on the web. Highlights included renewal of the Palladium-Item's sponsoring membership and the decline in visits to the site during September and early October.

The Executive Board turned its attention to President Chris Hardie'sproposed initiatives to guide the activities of the Board over the next year.

1. Improve and stabilize board member participation

a. Assign committees to discuss and research items of interest and bring to the full board for vote. Reduce board meetings to every other month.

b. By taking advantage of an e-mail list service for discussion, rather than formal meetings, the need for meetings could be reduced and allow those who cannot attend to participate in the discussion. This latter idea was more popular among the attendees.

2. Evaluate WayNet's web site hosting arrangements There was concern expressed about the dependency on Infocom/SkyeNet/Hypervine web hosting. As a result of the recent experience with the Nimba virus, do we need a site backup plan? Would RP&L hosting the web site be an alternative? If WayNet purchases its own equipment for hosting the site, cost and training would be issues to consider.

3. Enhance public awareness of WayNet.org

4. Evaluate WayNet's purpose and Organization

5. Other initiatives

After lengthy discussion a resolution was formulated which contained the following provisions:

The Exec. Board should immediately begin to schedule quarterly meetings in January, April, July and October.

These meetings will be held late in the month to ensure that the just completed quarter's financial report and, in January, an annual report is available. It is our intent to have up to an hour and one-half meeting time as the agenda warrants. The Exec. Board will establish committees to work between quarterly meetings and do the research and other leg work necessary to develop an idea for Exec. Board action. We also intend to use the Exec. Board listserv to communicate between meetings. The Exec. Board agreed that it could handle routine business via e-mail such as approval of fee waivers for not-for-profit member applicants.

With the various parts of the resolution worked out E. Thomas Kemp moved approval of the resolution. Nancy Wilson seconded and a voice vote approved the resolution.

The Exec. Board then explored possible alternative times to meet. Tentatively the 4th Thursday of the month (January, April, July and October) was selected for meetings in the 11:30 to 1:30 time frame.
Jane Holman agreed to submit a budget for 2002 via e-mail to the Exec. Board.

Chris Hardie suggested the formation of three committees:

A Technology Committee (TC) to explore alternative site hosting options and other technology related aspects of WayNet's development.

A Marketing/Public Relationships/Partnership Committee (MC) to develop marketing plans and other programs to increase membership and WayNet relationships with other community organizations.

A Vision/Mission/Programs Committee (VC) to review WayNet's missions and propose programs to strengthen WayNet's service in response to its goals.

Exec. Board members volunteered for membership on the committees as follows:

TC: Randy Baker, Jim Buckler, Rodger Smith
MC: Amy Spears, Pam Frantz, Bill O'Hara, Nancy Wilson
VC: Tom Kirk, Carol Smyth, E. Thomas Kemp

Subsequent to the meeting the memberships of the committees was completed. As of December 1, 2001 the memberships are:

TC: Randy Baker, Jim Buckler, Rodger Smith, Chris Hardie
MC: Bill O'Hara Felker, Amy Spears, Pam Frantz, Nancy Wilson, Larry Turner
VC: Tom Kirk, Carol Smyth, E. Thomas Kemp, John Weber

Chris Hardie and Jane Holman are ex officio on all committees.

Chris Hardie suggested committees should meet at least once, perhaps twice, before January meeting and be prepared to report at January meeting. He encouraged us to use the Exec. Board listserv to communicate about WayNet issues.

Upon motion of Pam Frantz and second of Rodger Smith the Board adjourned.

Recorded by Tom Kirk.

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