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Waynet Board Meeting
March 13, 2001

Bill O'Hara Felker, President (WQLK/WHON)
Rodger Smith, Vice-President (Richmond Community Schools)
Thomas G. Kirk, Jr., Secretary (Earlham College)
Randy Baker (Richmond Power & Light)
Pam Frantz (Lingle Real Estate)
Chris Hardie (Summersault)
Misty Dees Hollis (City Of Richmond)
John Weber (Richmond-Wayne County Chamber of Commerce)
Nancy Wilson (Reid Hospital and Health Care)
Jane Holman (Executive Director, Ex Officio , Inc.)

Old Business:
The minutes of the February 13 meeting were approved upon motion of John Weber and second of Roger Smith.

New Business:
On motion of Misty Dees Hollis and second of Pam Frantz the Executive Committee declined to wave the membership fees requested by the Arthritis Foundation. In the discussion the purpose of the fee-waiver as assistance to not-for-profits with very small budget was sited. The sense was that the Arthritis Foundation did not fit that category.

Executive Director's Report:
In the Executive Director's report Jane focused on marketing activities, web site development and membership changes over the last month.

A discussion of ways in which membership can increased where discussed. This was prompted by Roger Smith's query about whether we had a good way to track membership achievements against budget performance. Jane Holman, Executive Director, displayed the annual budget and the group noted the $10,000 short fall between budget and revenue from memberships. Further discussion pointed out that about $5,000 of the budget is equipment purchases that can be delayed if the revenues are not there. Furthermore the short fall does not recognize improvements in membership thus far this year.

The Executive Committee noted that the Richmond Community Schools has raised their membership to the Platinum level. The Committee expressed its appreciate for the support RCS has provided to WayNet.  Several individual organizations and categories of business were cited as good possibilities for WayNet membership.

The president, Bill O'Hara announced that he will be appointing a Nominating Committee shortly in order to put in place nominations for the Board meeting in September.

Misty Dees Hollis presented her resignation from the Executive Committee because of a reassignment of her responsibilities with the City of Richmond. Mayor Shelley Miller has recommended the appointment of Amy Spears for the position because Amy's responsibilities make her the more appropriate representative to WayNet. Upon motion of Pam Frantz and second of Tom Kirk, the Executive Committee accepts Misty's resignation with regret and gratitude for her service, and appoints Amy Spears to fill Misty Dees Hollis' un-expired term until September, 2002.

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 1:05 P.M.

Prepared by

Thomas G. Kirk, Jr.

March 13, 2001

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