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Waynet Board Meeting
March 14, 2000

Approved April 11, 2000

Members Present: Bill O'Hara Felker, Jane Holman, Ross Josephson, Thomas G. Kirk, Ron Lind, Rodger Smith, and John Weber

Meeting Called to Order: John Weber called the meeting to order at 11:00 A.M., March 14, 2000.

Approval of Minutes: Tabled until a future meeting because not enough members were present.

Old Business

Applied for fee waiver: There were no fee waivers this month.

New Not-for-Profit Members: Adult Day Care of Richmond - Agreed to become a not-for-profit member without the fee waiver ($60.00 fee).

New Basic Members: Richmond Cyclers, Pro Body & Paint, Inc., and Curiosity Shop

Existing Basic Members Invoiced: David Fulton (closed).

New Expanded Members: There were no new expanded members.

Existing Expanded Members Invoiced: Bowers Building & Remodeling Corp. - Received

New Sponsoring Members: Ray Ontko & Co. - Received

Existing Sponsoring Members Renewed Their Membership: Nothing to report.

Existing Sponsoring Members Invoiced: Computer HELP! - Overdue, Richmond-Wayne County Chamber of Commerce - Overdue

GOLD Members


Services Invoiced: Nothing to report.

Pal-Item Ad COLOR (4" x 2 column, 3-8-00 - $238.00). No noticeable jump in hits the next day. Donated "Free" six month basic membership coupon to Richmond Friends School for a fund-raiser. There were no radio spots this month. Radio advertising ads are done only in winter months. There was a suggestion to do a scroll ad for WCTV. Jane would also like to do some billboards this summer. She emailed Mary Walker, Wayne County Tourism, regarding cost-share.  The cost is $1500.00 for a small in-town billboard. There was also a suggestion made to share a small bottom portion of a billboard with a restaurant.

Log Analysis for February
Ran weekly and posted on the Members Only page. Monthly user sessions increased 10% over January 00 and page views decreased 11% over January 00. January figures reflect a 96% increase over the same time last year. This is a bit low due to a 3 day chunk of the log being missing due to a server malfunction.

1999 Yearly Figures show an outstanding 100,426 users requesting 310,586 pages. It's difficult to do a true comparison as we did not purchase the logging software until mid-February '99, but a rough estimate is that we nearly tripled our visitors/hits from the previous year.

Achievements for February/March
Set up new computer system, transferred files.
Completed installation of Discus software and setup of new pages. Researched, compared, and wrote a sample updated Terms of Service policy.
Purchased new QuickBooks software, set up, transferred data and learned program.
Gave two seminars - each attended by 4-5 people.
Completed budget report for 1999 (everyone received a copy).
Met with Tim Scales and Dudley Fetzer of First Bank Connect to discuss WayNet's benefits.
Added many calendar items.
Check search engines to see how we're ranking. - Submit when necessary.
Changed the "featured link" and welcome message regularly.
Took pictures around the community to keep the photo fresh.

On-Going Projects for the coming month
Work on IRS designation with committee once the board decides how they want to proceed.
Continue to look at alternative funding sources.
Promote new "Talk of the Town".
Complete transfer of members to QuickBooks for easier processing.
Continue to update older pages to reflect the newer design/font/sidebars of updated design.
Prepare letter for distribution to restaurants and motels touting benefits of our Commerce package.

Policy Discussion Committee: The Policy Discussion committee consisting of Jane Holman, Pam Frantz, Bill O'Hara Felker, and Renee Oldham met to look at the Terms of Service Agreement. Jane review the current policy/discussion rules. Rodger Smith suggested looking at the "Acceptable Use Policy" used by the Department of Education.

Goals/Objectives Committee: This committee consisting of Bill O'Hara, Pam Frantz, Renee Oldham and Jane Holman will meet to establish goals/objectives. Goals/objectives will assist Jane in giving her focus for the upcoming year. It will also be an open item for the next meeting.

Miscellaneous Items:
Jane reported that a "Community Announcements" section has been added. All items must first be approved by Jane.

She discussed the possibility of doing an "Action Ads" section for a fee (i.e., according to what you sell). If pictures are used, size may be limited and Waynet would be in competition with the Palladium Item. Rodger Smith had questions about time consumption. John Weber suggested setting up a committee to look at the ad issue. Issues regarding our ISP host were discussed.

Jane would like to take "Talk of the Town" live this week. It was decided that the old "terms of service" would be used until there were enough board members present to take a vote.

The remainder of the meeting was spent brainstorming on the vision and mission of Waynet. Jane will email everyone with draft copies.

Respectfully submitted, Tricia Shrider for Steve Reynolds, Secretary

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