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Waynet Board Meeting
December 14, 1999

Approved January 11, 2000

Members Present:  Pam Frantz, Jane Holman, Tom Kirk, Ron Lind, Bill O’Hara, Renee Oldham, Steve Reynolds, and John Weber

Meeting Called to Order:   John called the meeting to order at 12:00 PM, December 14, 1999.

Rodger Smith moved to approve last month’s minutes; Tom Kirk seconded the motion. The minutes were approved by the board.

Jane presented the Executives Director’s Report, with the following major items reported:

· Applied for fee waiver: Living Word Fellowship – application withdrawn.

· New Basic Members: DriversAgent.com

· Existing Basic Members Invoiced: David Fulton

· New Sponsoring Members: General Surgeons, Inc. – they have requested that each doctor be listed separately.

· Existing Sponsoring Members Renewed Their Membership: Stonehenge Concrete

· Existing Sponsoring Members Invoiced: Tom Raper, Inc.

· Advertising/Marketing:

√ A billboard with "waynet.org" in Uptown Richmond has been erected at South A and 7th Streets.

√ Jane received 500 Bic Roller-ball pens with WayNet, the phone number and URL inscripted on them. She distributed them to the group to use as an advertisement.

√ A one inch ad has been running in the Pal-Item. It will run six times in December. After the ad has been run, we will evaluate and most likely run a larger ad in the January Chamber Community Report. Pam Frantz will investigate the possibility of running an insert in the Community Profile booklet which is a part of the spiral bound directory of members.

√ Jane received an invoice and copy of the Symphony program in which WayNet purchased a ¼ page advertisement.

· Log Analysis for November and Third Quarter was slightly down.

· Jane reported that she represented WayNet at the Chamber’s Business and Industrial Expo. She did not feel that it was a worthwhile endeavor for our organization to repeat next year.

· Jane stated that there was an on-going email conversation with a visitor regarding the removal of a posting made to Talk of the Town.

· Jane requested input on ideas for the "featured link".

· Jane spent time recruiting community leaders for the "welcome" feature.

Old Business

Steve Reynolds gave a report from the Streaming Video Committee. Jane will contact Hoosier Net out of Bloomington to see how they have done their streaming video. Currently,  storage is a challenge. The committee is still in the thought process. Steve reported the possibility of WayNet linking to the IU East server. WCTV may also be of assistance with equipment.

The Grant Committee has not met recently, but did receive a letter from E. Thomas Kemp, outlining WayNet’s desire for eligibility to be recognized by the Internal Revenue Code as a tax exempt organization. There was much discussion regarding the application for recognition under Section 501©(3). There was also discussion as to whether WayNet was an Internet Service Provider (ISP).  Jane will be talking with Charlie Ball, Wayne County Foundation, regarding their status.  Steve Reynolds questioned the point of the letter from the attorney. WayNet is concerned that the "C" status is hurting funding opportunities. Rodger Smith, will investigate the possibility of applying for grants.

New Business

Approval of Fee-Waivers – There were none

Approval of Budget for 2000

Steve Reynolds questioned the entry for Little Sheba’s in the amount of $125.00. Jane stated that it was for advertising on the back side of their menu. Steve asked if there was advertising in the high school sports programs. There is no advertising in that arena at this time, but it will be investigated. The $500.00 entry for miscellaneous is for miscellaneous items that may come up. The $2500.00 entry for July will be used for a new computer. Steve will talk with the Vice Chancellor to see if IU East might be able to help with the budget. Jane is looking for a funding source for a billboard. Renee Oldham will contact Mary Walker at the Wayne County Tourism Bureau to see they might be able to assist.

Steve Reynolds made a motion to accept the budget as noted and Rodger Smith seconded the motion. All present were in favor of the budget.

Goals for the New Year

• More members

• More visitors

• Refining the mission statement

• Making a vision statement

• Applying for grants

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Tricia Shrider for Steve Reynolds, Secretary

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