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Waynet Executive Board Meeting
July 19, 1999

Approved - August 23, 1999

Members Present: Tom Kirk, Jane Holman, Bill O'Hara, Rodger Smith, Larry Turner, Misty Hollis,  Pam Frantz, and Cam Hart.  Guest: Ron Lind

Minutes of previous meeting:

Motion to accept the minutes of the previous meeting.

Misty Hollis - moved to accept minutes
Larry Turner - seconded motion
Motion passed

Treasurer's Report

Motion to accept the Treasurer's Report for May & June.

Larry Turner - moved to accept
Rodger Smith - seconded motion
Motion passed

New Business

Not-for-Profit fee waivers:

Gaar Foundation
Green Acres
Wayne County Historical Museum

Motion to accept fee waivers.

Misty Hollis - moved to accept
Pam Frantz - seconded motion
Motion passed

Nominating Committee

Meeting directly after this meeting.

Best Website Committee

They have set up parameters for the contest.
Nominations will be accepted via the internet.
There will be 4 categories:

  • Not-for-profit
  • For profit, designed locally
  • For profit, not designed locally
  • Individual websites

Deadline for nomination will be August 26th.

WayNet board members will be the judges.
Drawing for a nominator to receive a gift basket.
Sponsoring members will donate prizes for the gift basket (put together by Misty Hollis).
One winner from each category will receive a plaque and special recognition.
Three other contestants from each category will be awarded Honorable Mention.
Honorable Mention contestants will receive certificates.
This contest will be called the "1999 WayNet Web Awards."

Annual Meeting

The meeting will be held Tuesday, September 28, 1999, at Morrison Reeves Library at 7:00 p.m. It was suggested that Russ Walker be the moderator of the panel. Bill will talk to Russ.

Executive Director's Report

Jane presented the Executive Director's Report. She reviewed the results from the Summer Survey 1999.

Bill discussed the possibility of adding obituaries to KICKS 96 web page and WayNet linking to it. Another idea was suggested to contact the funeral directors about memberships.

Larry suggested advertising a list of WayNet members who are experiencing the benefits of membership with WayNet and flaunt the number of hits WayNet gets.

Meeting Adjourned

Misty Hollis - motioned to adjourn
Pam Frantz - seconded motion

Cam Hart, Secretary

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