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Waynet Executive Board Meeting

November 23, 1998

 Approved January 25, 1999

Members Present: Tom Kirk, Roger Smith, Tim Broering, Larry Turner, Nancy Wilson, Misty Dees Hollis, John Weber, Pam Frantz, Carol Smyth, Shane Delon, Ross Josephson, Bill O’Hara and Executive Director - Jane Holman

 Minutes of previous meeting

Motion to accept the minutes of the previous meeting

  • Carol Smyth – moved to accept minutes
  • Roger Smith – seconded motion
  • Motion passed

Old Business 

  • Fee Wavier Applicant

Friends United Meeting – Tabled until next meeting

A motion to wave the membership fees for the following applicants:

  • John Weber – moved
  • Misty Hollis – seconded motion
  • Motion passed

Hagerstown FFA

Living Word Christian Fellowship

Western Wayne Heritage

Golay Community Center

Treaty Line Council Girl Scouts

Criteria to be used for fee waiver applicants were discussed. A committee was formed to bring back a recommendation to the board at the next meeting. Committee members include: Misty Hollis, Carol Smyth, Bill O’Hara, Larry Turner and Jane Holman

  • Bylaws

ˇ The Indiana Department of Revenue contacted us and said we needed to change our bylaws or Articles of Incorporation that upon dissolution of Waynet all assets will be distributed to it’s members.

A motion to change the wording in the Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation to read: Upon dissolution, all assets of Waynet shall be distributed to an existing non-profit organization

    • Pam Frantz – moved
    • Larry Turner – seconded motion

Motion passed

ˇ 1999 Waynet Budget

The 1999 budget was discussed and it was decided that we needed a business plan to go along with that budget. A committee was formed to create a business plan. Committee members include: Pam Frantz, Ross Josephson, John Weber and Jane Holman

ˇ See 1999 Budget on web

Motion to accept 1999 Budget

ˇ Larry Turner – moved

ˇ Ross Josephson – seconded motion

Motion passed

Executive Directors Report

New Business 

The future of Waynet and how we might attain the level of self-sufficient funding was discussed. Roger Smith asked if he might include us in a grant they are writing for Richmond Community Schools. The grant is through the Department of Education. It was decided to include Waynet in the grant application. Jane will work with Rodger on the grant.

Motion to Adjourn

ˇ Pam Frantz - moved

ˇ Larry Turner – seconded motion 


Tim Broering, Acting Secretary

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