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Annual Waynet Board Meeting

September 28, 1998

 Approved - November 23, 1998

Members Present: Tom Kirk, David Fulton, Roger Smith, Tim Broering, Larry Turner, Cam Hart, Nancy Wilson, Misty Dees Hollis, John Weber, Pam Frantz, Carol Smyth, Shane Delon and Executive Director - Jane Holman

Guests Speakers: Dave Osburn – General Manager Richmond Power & Light

Charlie Peck – Partner Infocom


Opening Remarks: David Fulton made comments on progress Waynet has made over the past year. He also gave a brief description of Waynet’s Mission Statement.

Waynet’s mission is twofold:

    1. Organize local resources into one place on the internet.
    2. Be a gateway to the internet.

Reasons for progress in 1997-98

    1. Committed Board of Directors.
    2. Hired an Executive Director
    3. Increased Sponsoring membership from 12 to 28.
    4. Have an exciting Web site with a lot of useful information.


Nominating Committee Report

Continuing Members:

Tom Kirk 1 Year Earlham (President)

John Weber 2 Years Chamber of Commerce (V. President)

Pam Frantz 1 Year Lingle Real Estate (Treasurer)

Shane Delon 1 Year Palladium Item

Tim Broering 1 Year Programming And Micros


New Members:

Camala Hart 1 Year Richmond Power & Light (Secretary)

Misty Dee Hollis 2 Years Mayor’s Office

Ross Josephson 2 Years Sanyo

Bill O’Hara 2 Years WHON

Rodger Smith 1 Year Richmond Community Schools

Larry Turner 2 Years First Bank Richmond

Nancy Wilson 2 Years Reid Hospital & Health Care

Motion to accept nominating committee’s report

ˇ Carol Smyth moved to accept nominations

ˇ Larry Turner - seconded

ˇ Motion passed


Financial Report – John Weber

1998 Yearly Budget $33,100.00

As of August 1998:



Year to Date Budget $22,066.67

Year to Date Actual $20,800.00

Year to Date Variance ($1,266.67)


Year to Date Budget $22,066.67

Year to Date Actual $15,459.83

Year to Date Variance ($6,606.84)

R/E Variance $5,340.17

Year to Date Balance $15,525.94

Primary Revenue Sources:

Access Indiana Grant $15,000.00

Sponsoring Members 28 @ $500. $14,000.00


 Executive Directors Report


 Tom Kirk introduced Dave Osburn and Charlie Peck. They spoke on the topic of building a community wide network, it’s purpose, what kind of benefits it would bring to the community and the type of services that could be offered if a community wide network existed. They also spoke on some things that are happening now in Wayne County and across the United States in the Community Wide Network area.

Closing Remarks: Tom Kirk spoke of the year ahead. That it was critical to our success to establish ourselves as being financially self-sufficient. We need to increase all levels of membership but particularly the sponsoring members. Also we needed to continue to enhance the content on our web site.

Meeting Adjourned @ 8:30


Next Board Meeting Scheduled for

Monday, October 26, 1998
12:00 PM RP&L Auditorium


Tim Broering, Secretary

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