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Waynet Board Meeting

May 27, 1998

Approved 7/27/98

Meeting Called to Order at 12:15PM by president David Fulton

Introduction of Guests: David introduced Brian Alenskis, of the Purdue Engineering Program at Indiana University East.

Reading of the Minutes - A motion to approve minutes was moved by Tom Kirk and seconded by Andy Grannell. Motion approved on voice vote.

Financial Report - Projections - Jane Holman presented a projection of the 1998 income and expenses which shows that we will essentially break even. This will leave the reserves in tack for use in 1999, if necessary. For 1999 we need to replace the $15,000 grant income with memberships. This represents 30 sponsoring members at $500/member/year.

Jane Holman reported she will attend the ICNA [Indiana Community Network Association] annual meeting on June 26. She may learn more at the meeting about possible state funding for community networks.

Old Business - A proposal to provide a Classified Ad page was discussed and the Board made no decision to move forward on developing a classified ads page.

New Business - Review and Voting on Fee Waiver Applications - The Board had an application from Wayne County Council for Retarded Citizens, Inc., (Green Acres). Carol Smyth moved and Andy Grannell seconded the motion to approve membership with a fee waiver. The motion was approved on voice vote.

  • Executive Director’s Report - The Executive Director, Jane Holman gave her report which is available at:  
  • <http://www.waynet.wayne.in.us/waynet/director
  • /DirReport5-27.htm>

As part of her report Jane recommended that WayNet apply

for an additional domain name - www.waynet.org for easier memory

retention. Shane Delon moved approval and Debbie Berry

David Fulton reported that the Executive Board Nominating Committee has met and still welcomes nominations.

The Board discussed a request for donation of web space for McMaze. The Board declined to honor the request since it comes from an organization with commercial interests. It sets a precedent which the Board does not want to establish.

The Board continued to brainstorm about how WayNet can be further marketed to increase membership and to stimulate use of WayNet.

The meeting adjourned at 1:20PM.

Tom Kirk

Secretary, pro tem


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