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Waynet Board Meeting

February 23, 1998

Approved - April 27, 1998

Waynet Board of Directors

February 23, 1998

Present: John Weber, David Fulton, Carol Smyth, Debbie Berry, Sue Morris, Tim Broering, Tom Kirk, Jane Holman, Shane Delon.

Guests Present:

Rich Cody TCI General Manager

Rick Jackson TCI Technical Coordinator

Rich Cody gave the following report on what TCI has done the past year and what they are looking at doing in the future.

TCI Report

TCI implemented Digital Cable in 1997

Insight Communications acquired 50% interest in TCI of Indiana

TCI looks to be doing Data transmission on the horizon

TCI is looking to become a pipeline provider for high speed data communications

Insight is doing high speed data in Noblesville

TCI has 15,000 cable customers

8% of TCI’s customers have gone with Digital cable option

Third quarter of 1998 may see name change from TCI to Insight

In 1999 TCI will be looking at high speed data communications

TCI is going to become a sponsoring member.

Minutes - Approval of January meeting minutes

Tom Kirk – made motion

Sue Morris – seconded

Motion passed


Financial Report

$11,700 as of today

See Web Site

Financial reports are to be approved quarterly.

At the next meeting, we will be approving the financial report.

John Weber will be interim treasurer.

Motion – John Weber to be treasurer.

Tom Kirk - Motioned

Carol Smyth - Seconded

Motion passed

Calendar Report

Tim will talk with Allen about search capabilities only bringing back current and future events.

Include search is sensitive to upper and lower case.

Jane will be creating a form so people can email her events to be included on the calendar.


Executive Directors Report for February 23, 1998

New Basic Members:

Brady, Ware & Schoenfeld, Inc.

Marketing and Creative Services

Endtime, Inc.

Progress was made on promotion as we did our first advertising this month.

Approximatly $280.00 was spent on ads that ran on Sunday and Wednesday in the Paladium-Item.

A large ad (3 1/2" x 2 column) ran on Sunday, February 1, with a 1 2/" x 2 column ad running February 4, 8, 11, 15, 18, 22, 25.  We also received a nice article written by Bill Engle on Friday, January 30.

Due to the high cost of the large Sunday ad ($111 for one day!), my intention is to run the smaller 1 1/2" ad (perhaps a different version) on Sundays in March.  That is the largest coverage day and since Monday is our day with the most hits - it makes sence to get our name and URL out there for people to check on at the begining of the week.

Thursday appears to be the least visited day (Jerry Seinfeld night!) so I don't see a compelling reason to continue the Wednesday ads after our first "blitz".

Log Anaylisis
Paul Retherford (of Infocom) and I have been evaluating a new log anaylsis package called Web Trends - to replace the counter and to be able to anaylzye our visitor trends in further detail.  It has taken a great deal of time to set up correctly, but we're pretty sure we're going to go ahead with it.

Check out a sample here.  My plan, once it's up and running, is to post the past week, month, quarter, and yearly reports on the web for members to review.  Most potential members I have met with have asked questions regarding our hits/visitors, etc. 

New Benefit and Change to Brochure
Prior to reprinting our Membership Brochure, I would like approval (or a committee formed) to create a loan policy for the digital camera.  My suggestion is to make this available in 3 day increments, first come, first served, to Sponsoring Members only.   This would give us a benefit item on our list that companies or individuals could help justify the membership cost.

February Achievements
Added "Area Attractions" page.

Updated the Levi Coffin site.

Updated the Library and Reference site.

Research and major update of the Did You Know...? section.   Question regarding Mimi Chesterton.

Worked on getting approvals to post article on "The Highest Point in Indiana" from Outdoor Indiana magazine.
Working closely with Stan Lambert on information to post on the Gorge - currently working on an on-line trail guide.
Talked with Thomas Hamm at Earlham on information to post regarding D. Elton Trueblood.

Met with Mary Walker from the Tourism Bureau.  Gave a short talk to the Board for Birth to Five.  Talked with Kim Poinsett at the Parks Department.

Added Webster (personal page) to Community Links, working with Jayne Beers on Greensfork (brought up some questions on hosting), working with Jessie Turner and her Logos Student, J.D. on getting information about the explosion on-line.

Held 2nd Webmaster's Forum on Design and Graphic Basics.  Brought in at least 2 new Basic Members.


Planned meeting on Wednesday, February 25 with Brian Smith, Superintendent of Centerville-Abington Schools, scheduled to provide information at the Hagerstown Redevelopment Commusion meeting  on Wednesday, March 4, at 6:30 p.m.

Working on setting up a database in Access. 

Talked to 3 insurance agencies on getting quotes - 1 returned prior to this meeting.

On-Going Projects for March
Continue to work on database.

Have Member brochure updated and reprinted.  Create 1 page brochure for tourist distribution.

Purchase and stablize set-up on Web Trends.

Produce press releases to obtain more coverage.

Continue to hold Webmaster's Forums - perhaps in evening.

Web Pages
Volunteer Registration
Calender Event Submittal

Web Masters Forum was held at RP&L on Friday, February 20, 1998.

Log Analysis Tool

Two options:

    1. Waynet can purchase solely their own copy.
    2. Waynet can purchase copy with Waynet and the tool will be a …………..

Web Trends – tool for Waynet to purchase

Tom Kirk – Motioned

Sue Morris – Seconded

Motion Passed

Motion to suspend statement from business plan that sponsors receive no services or consideration except recognition in publications (including electronic ones), of the organizations status as a sponsoring member.

Sue Morris - Motioned

Carol Smyth - Seconded

Next meeting is March 23, 1998.

Motion to deny free application to Endtime

Tom Kirk – Motioned

Carol Smyth – Seconded

Motion passed

Meeting was adjourned.

Recorded by

Tim Broering



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