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Waynet Board Meeting

January 28, 1998

Approved - February 23, 1998

Waynet Board of Directors

January 28, 1998



David Fulton, Tom Kirk, Tim Broering, Sue Morris, Kathy Keller, Pam Frantz, Shane Delon and Jane Holman

Guests Present:

Jerry Allen of Centerville Schools

Jerry Allen talked about what Centerville Schools is doing with computer technology.

December board meeting minutes approved

Sue Morris motioned

Tom Kirk seconded

Motion Passed

Financial Report

Has not yet been finished, watch the web site for financial report.

Jane showed camera Waynet has purchased

It is a Sony digital camera that will save the pictures right to a diskette.

Election of Treasurer

Will seek a volunteer to fill the vacant treasurers position.


Executive Director's Report

Welcome Computer HELP! as a new sponsoring member

New Basic Members:

Jane Holman

Perfect Circle Credit Union

Thomas Kemp

Arnold Law Office


Accomplishments since the December Board Meeting

Completed Annual Report for Access Indiana

Discussed electronic bulletin board with Jim Hizer at the EDC – not promising for the immediate future.

Discuss painting our URL on the water tower with Orville Allan with the Indiana – American Water Company

Had brochure printed by the Library – cost – paper and folding only!

Meet with Julie Mullins, Vivian Ashmali, and Kaye Holmes down at the YWCA – create pages

Press release for the Chamber newsletter

Send press release & get article written in the Pal-Item

Sent out approximately 50 direct sales letters on Dec. 31 - made follow-up calls.

Send info to Linda Ledford at WCTV

Finished up switch-over from Infocom’s community pages to our address.

Switched the server that Waynet resides on to a new NT server at Infocom.

Continue to collect information on Wayne County attractions.

Create Restaurant guide and Church listing and send out press release.

Talk to potential client regarding a "business card’ page.

Mailed the form for an Employer Identification Number – discussed filing 501 c 12 papers with Shelley Miller – Richmond City controller.

Held Webmaster’s Forum – gathered information on types of skills needed.

Sent out press release requesting local historians write information on their small communities – AND – request for web designers to put this information on-line.

Spoke with Robin Henry about getting involved in the Cultural Tourism group – and accessing Mary Walker.


February Projects

Continue to add web pages – specifically



Extend Did You Know area

Come up with advertisement for print and billboards – investigate costs and get started

Design and have printed a 1 page brochure encouraging visiting WayNet – for display at the tourism bureau, Tom Raper, Webbs, rest stop, etc.

Continue to post new messages on WCTV

Participate in board meeting of Birth to Five – extending the knowledge of Waynet thoughout the community.

Work with Ryan VanMiddlesworth on the Classified Ad page – if the board desires.

Membership Committee Report

Pam Frantz gave the following report for the membership committee.

Nominating committee should be created 3 months prior to annual meeting. The nominating committee would nominate 6 new board members for a 2 year term. This next year, 6 of the current members would stay on board.

Motioned by Tom Kirk

Seconded by Pam Frantz

Motion passed

The board will be made up of all members, but each sponsoring member will not necessarily have a seat on the board. The nominating committee will look at all the different categories of membership and nominate from them to get a good mix of people from both the public and private sectors.

The nominating committee will be appointed at the May meeting.

1998 Budget Approval

Tom Kirk motioned

Sue Morris seconded

Motion passed

Fee Waiver for those organizations applying for a fee waiver.

Tom Kirk motioned

Sue Morris seconded

Motion passed

A letter will be drafted to the organizations that had their fees waived to tell them conditions for having those fees waived.

Marketing Discussion

Jane, Shane meet to discuss a marketing campaign for Waynet.

Calendar – Jane would like to see the following changes made to the Community calendar.

1. A White background

2. Headers and footers

3. Search capabilities

Tim will talk with Infocom about what can be done with the calendar program that Waynet currently has on their website.

Recorded by

Tim Broering









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