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Approved - December 3, 1997

Waynet Board of Directors

November 5, 1997

Present: Sue Morris, Tim Broering, Linda Paust, Peg Moore, Ann Hanes, Jan Holman, Pam Frantz, Andy Grannel, David Fulton, Debbie Berry, and John Weber.

Minutes of annual meeting approved

•Motion by Ann Hanes •Second by Sue Morris

October 28, 1997

•Motion by Ann Hanes •Second by Pam Frantz

Financial Report

Current Balance $7,971.54

Purchases $5,395.57

Employee Benefits $1,334.65

Dave asked if we want to put financial section on the web site.

•We decided to put detailed report on the web site

Old Business

Jane discussed first annual meeting

•Acceptable Use Policy - Include a box on application to agree to policy and that they have read it

Marketing Committee

•A marketing committee was setup to work on a brochure to hand out and to work on web marketing. The committee is made up of:

Andy Grannel, Linda Paust, John Weber, Peg Moore, and Jane Holman

ICNA Meeting

Jane gave a report of the Indiana Community Network Meeting she attended on November 3, 1997.

•Reduced membership fee from $500/year to $100/year •Address changed to www.icna.net •Discussion of what constitutes an official web site

New Business

Ann Hanes is resigning as RCS Representative

•A representative is to be named

Direction for Executive Director

•Work on signing up new members •Continue developing web site •Get membership levels established

Community Calendar

•We will setup calendar so sponsoring members have user accounts so they can input information on the community calendar

ISP Arrangements

•We now have an arrangement with Global Services similar to the one we have with Infocom for providing memberships from both ISP similar services at equal pricing.

Membership Levels

•A committee was setup to study the membership pricing levels and report back to us at the next meeting. The committee will consist of:

•Sue Morris, John Weber, Pam Frantz, and Jane Holman

Global Services has offered in kind donations as opposed to cash to become a sponsoring member

•Also as an ISP they can not sit on the Board of Directors however they can sit on the technical advisory board. •We will be getting printing done through Paust as an in kind donation.

Next Meeting is December 3, 1997 at Richmond Power & Light at noon.

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