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Approved November 5, 1997

Waynet Board of Directors

October 22, 1997

Present: Ann Hanes, Carol Smyth, Tom Kirk, Tim Broering, Shane Delon, and Debbie Berry

Executive Director – Jane Holman

President David Fulton was absent as he had been called out of town unexpectedly. Vice President Tom Kirk ran the meeting in Dave’s absence.

Tom Kirk introduced the Board Members in attendance.

Carol Smyth gave a brief history of what Waynet has done over the past year:

•Hired Executive Director

•Waynet has an Office in the City Building

•Carol noted that Infocom has been extremely helpful

Jane gave a presentation about Waynet’s home page:

•A brief description was given of the Navigational links which consisted of the following main sections:

•Directory page

General Categories

- Within General Categories we have more specific information

•Maps of Indiana, Richmond, Hagerstown, Fountain City, Centerville, Cambridge City and Boston

•Community Calendar

Email events to Jane Holman to have events placed on the calendar

•Did you know

•Facts about Richmond and Wayne County

•Local communities

•Sponsoring Members

•About Waynet

•Facts about Waynet

Jane told people that Waynet is a member of Indiana Community Network Association.

Jane at this point turned it back over to Tom.

Tom spoke a little about what Waynet is:

•Waynet is a cooperative organization •Waynet is a Not for profit organization. •Waynet is Not tax supported except for the initial grant •Our goal is to organize all of the pages dealing with Wayne County, Indiana •Community Calendar •Business Listing •Non Profit Organizations •Individuals

Tom discussed the Waynet membership benefits and fees.

At this point Tom asked if there were any questions and the public asked the following questions.

1.) What policy do we have about content for pages linked to and from Waynet?

We have an acceptable use policy.

2.) What are we going to do with the Community Calendar?

Look at other calendar’s, but must be cost effective.

3.) Why does someone using a different ISP have to pay more?

We have not yet held discussions with any other ISP's other than Infocom.

Since no other questions were raised the meeting was adjourned and refreshments were served.

Recorded by

Tim Broering


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