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Approved November 5, 1997

Waynet Board of Directors

October 8, 1997

Members Present: Dave Fulton, Tom Kirk, Shane Delon, Ann Hanes, Debbie Berry, Tim Broering, Jane Holman

The first annual Waynet meeting will be held October 22, 1997 at Morrisson-Reeves Library in the Bard Room.

Publicity for the annual meeting will be arrange by Jane Holman.

Jane and Carol will make sure the room is set up for the meeting and refreshments are available.

Jane showed the new web site.

Official incorporated towns and towns with web pages will be listed as local communities.

Inspire is a state-wide project that will be available the first of January of 1998. It is a periodical database and encyclopedia to be made available to Indiana residents.

Changes were discussed, and Jane will incorporate those before the October 22nd meeting.

The news release for the annual meeting was discussed and additions and corrections were made.

Ann Hanes will make corrections to the news release and pass that on to Jane, who will contact the media for the event.

A letter needs to be written in conjunction with Infocom telling the businesses that Infocom’s Waynebiz page will disappear on a certain date and the Wayne County page will be done by Waynet. Dave will talk with Infocom and get an understanding before October 22nd.

Also, we need to have an agreement with Global Services. We will contact Global Services prior to the October 22nd meeting. Dave will contact Ken Paust.

The meeting on the 22nd will be moved to 7:00, and the meeting agenda is as follows:

  • Introduction and sponsor recognition by Dave
  • Review by Carol
  • Web page presentation by Jane
  • Membership plea by Tom
  • Questions answered by all

A special letter will be drafted and sent to sponsoring members with news release. Dave will take care of this with Jane.

Jane will notify Indiana Community Network Association about having a representative attend the annual meeting.

Next meeting after the annual meeting will be November 5, 1997, at 12:00pm. Will have lunch at Richmond Power and Light.

The December meeting will be held on December 3, 1997.

Recorded by

Tim Broering


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