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Draft, unapproved

Waynet Board of Directors

August 27, 1997

Present: Tom Kirk, Carol Smyth, Ann Haynes, Alan Moore, Debbie Berry, John Weber, Dave Fulton, Tim Broering

Motion to approve the minutes was made by Ann Haynes and seconded by Tom Kirk.

Carol Smyth reported the following was collected from sponsoring members.







Sponsoring Members:

Richmond Community High School Indiana University East
Richmond Power & Light Ivy Tech State College
Lingle Real Estate Infocom
City of Richmond Chamber of Commerce
Earlhman College Morrisson-Reeves Library

Debbie will check on Wayne County sponsoring membership.

David will check on TCI sponsoring membership.

Filing Status – more discussion was held on Waynet’s IRS filing status.

  • Steve Rabe has all forms filled out and waiting on a $30.00 check from Waynet.
  • C3 was not appropriate for Waynet because we are not a charitable organization, and it is not a religious organization, nor does is fall under education.
  • Ann Hanes, motioned and Carol Smyth, seconded that we file for a C(12) status.

Hiring of Waynet Executive Director

  • Ran ad twice
  • Have 3 applicants
  • Hope to offer position by 1st part of September
  • Carol passed out job descriptions
  • Carol will be interviewing candidate for position on August 28, 1997

Waynet Board will meet with Executive Director after 3 months to review their performance.

Community Calendar will be discussed at the next meeting.

Discussion was held on where the Executive Director will work.

Grand opening will be October 22nd, at the October board meeting.

Next board meeting will be Wednesday, September 24th , at 12:30 at Richmond Power & Light.

Executive Director will need to work on:

  1. Brochures
  2. Setting up office - phone, Answering machine/voice mail, etc...

Waynet will pay mileage at rate that Morrison-Reeves pays, Carol Smyth motioned, Ann Haynes seconded.

Recorded by

Tim Broering


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