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Waynet Board of Directors

July 16, 1997

Present: Pam Frantz, David Fulton, Tom Kirk, Tim Broering, Ann Haynes, Debbie Berry, John Weber, Ross Doland

Carol has received $2,500 in sponsoring memberships as well as the Access Indiana money.

Personnel Committee still has not met yet. They are to meet and come up with job description.It is imperative we get a person hired to start marketing Waynet.

More discussion was held on IRS filing status.

Filing for Incorporation

  • Has not yet been filed.
  • Attorney waiting to be contacted by Carol Smyth.
  • David Fulton – Asked Debbie B. to tell Steve Rabe to go ahead and file as a C(3) status.

Tom Kirk will contact Steve Rabe concerning IRS filing status.

Motion to approve the minutes was made by Pam Frantz and seconded by Ann Haynes, motioned passed.

Discussion was held about web page content and community calendar – top page. Things board members want to find on the Waynet home page include:

  • Events
  • Meetings
  • About Waynet
  • Community Calendar
  • Area Communities

Tim Broering will work with Dave Fulton on creating new layout.

Debbie Berry will send informational facts about Richmond and Wayne county to be included on the Did You know Page.

John Weber was to send additional information about Wayne County.

Next meeting is the 27th of August at 12:30 at Richmond Power & Light

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