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Approved July 16,1997

Waynet Board of Directors

May 28, 1997

Present: David Fulton, Ann Hanes, Kathy Keller, Debbie Berry, Tim Broering, Carol B. Smyth, John Weber, Andy Grannel, Pam Frantz.

Guests Present: Bill O’Hara of WHON, Mark Wittman of Access Indiana, Community Network Association, Michael Ney of IU Med Center, President Indiana Community Networks, Kim Grayson of Indiana University, Brian Smith of Centerville-Abington Schools, Vivian Ashmawi, and Allen Herzig of Community Network Association.

Motion to approve the minutes was made by Carol Smyth and seconded by John Weber.

Carol Smyth reported that we received the first two quarterly payments from Access Indiana of $7,500 and that we will receive quarterly payments for the next two years. The next quarterly payment will be on July 1, 1997.

1. Hiring

The Personnel Committee has not met. The Personnel Committee plans to hire an hourly part-time marketing/P.R. person, whose primary responsibility it will be to solicit organizational and individual memberships on Waynet's behalf. Although they have yet to iron out all details they will be meeting next week to discuss hiring of a part-time person to market Waynet with some technical experience.

2. Not For Profit Status

501(C)(3) is the proper filing status. Discussion was held and was to be referred to Steve Rabe, Assistant City Attorney. The Board had initially considered filing for 501c12 IRS status, such as has Hoosiernet, but, on the advice of the Assistant City Attorney, they have decided to pursue 501c3 status. Because the community net concept is new to the IRS, it was suggested that the Waynet Board may want its attorney to contact attorney's who have already successfully processed 501c3 applications for other ICNA community networks. Carol Smyth is to follow up with Steve Rabe.

3. Fund Raising Letter

A letter was passed out by David Fulton. David will be sending fund raising letters to not-for-profit organizations. He will hold off sending letters to for-profit organizations. We should send information from State, Access Indiana, and the business plan. We should highlight in the letter what the sponsoring member will get for $500 donation. David will send an invoice to the Board Member’s companies. Waynet plans to solicit $500 per sponsoring member. For that membership, local organizations will receive a full-service link from Waynet; however, the solicitation strategy will focus primarily on each organization's responsibility to support a quality community service with its membership rather than on services rendered. Of the $500, $50 will be considered a service fee and $450 will be considered as a contribution.

Tim Broering volunteered to work on a user-friendly membership benefits page.

A committee was formed to determine what goes on our web page: Pam Frantz, John Weber, Tim Broering, Alan Moore, Andy Grannel, Hallie Bourne, and David Fulton. They will meet at Richmond Power & Light.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:50 P.M. with the next meeting scheduled for the 18th of June at 12:30 P.M. at Richmond Power & Light.

Recorded by

Tim Broering


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