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Approved May 28, 1997

Waynet Board of Directors

Organizational Meeting

April 23, 1997

Present: David J. Fulton, Sue Morris, Ann Hanes, Alan Moore, Kathy Keller, Debbie Berry, Tim Broering, Carol B. Smyth, John Weber, Andy Grannell, and Stephen Rabe

President, David Fulton called the meeting to order at 5:40 P.M. and announced that the purpose of the meeting was to finalize text for the Articles of Incorporation and get the board member's signatures so that Waynet can be incorporated.

The president called on Stephen Rabe, Assistant City Attorney, to discuss problems to be addressed before Waynet is incorporated.

1) The Waynet Board needs to determine type of corporation to be filed as under the Internal Revenue Code, we were anticipating being a 501(c)(12) organization but we need some clarification if we actually meet the criteria for the tax code. Tom Kirk and Carol Smyth will work with Mark Whittman of Access Indiana to determine what is the best fit for Waynet under the Internal Revenue Code.

A motion was made by Ann Hanes and seconded by Andy Grannell to authorize Carol and Tom to determine what type of corporation Waynet should file as and proceed with filing the Articles of Incorporation prior to the next board meeting. The motion passed.

2) Articles of Incorporation need the board member's signatures.

The articles of Incorporation were passed around and signed by the board members present.

Carol Smyth announced she would be attending the Indiana Community Network Association (ICNA) meeting May 6th.

Minutes of the previous meeting were read by Tim Broering and on a motion by Carol Smyth and second by Ann Hanes the minutes were approved as read.

Alan Moore reported a virtual domain name for Waynet of: WWW.WAYNET.WAYNE.IN.US had been received and that Infocom would pay the $20. Registration fee and bill Waynet for it.

Discussion was held on how to decide what should and shouldn't go on the Waynet web pages. After much discussion it was decided that initially we would try to move much of the material that Infocom currently has on their web site to Waynet's web site. Tim Broering volunteered to work with Infocom for the transfer of information. It was also decided we needed some sort of community calendar. Alan Moore volunteered a calendar program that they had that events can easily be added to.

Also discussed was because Waynet now had a Virtual Domain when would the Web pages be accessible. Alan Moore said he would have the virtual domain changed by midnight. Tim Broering gave Alan the updated web pages and he would put them up as soon as the virtual domain was up and running.

David Fulton asked about putting out a press release about Waynet, it was decided that we would wait until a person was hired to fill the director's position. Also, decided to form a personnel committee to oversee the hiring of the director. The personnel committee will consist of Sue Morris, Andy Grannell, Nick Fankhauser and Carol Smyth, chairperson.

David Fulton indicated that he would be sending letters to the sponsoring members requesting payment of their annual dues.

Carol Smyth reported she would be requesting the funds from Access Indiana as we have not yet received them as well as inviting two staff members from Access Indiana to attend our next board meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 6:45 P.M. with the next meeting scheduled for May 28 (the fourth Wednesday of the month) at 12:30. The meeting will be in the Board of Works room at the City Building.

Recorded by

Tim Broering


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