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WayNet Director's Report - November 15, 2018


Changes/Additional Fees:

  • (+$ 0)

Photo Sales

  • (+$0) Total Income
  • Advertising/Marketing/Community Relations

    • Wayne County Connections TV Show (Viewers directed back to website /Page)
      • Taped 1 show segments:
      • October show featured Damon Knoche Executive Director for Achieva Resources Corporation, Inc. and Pam Brawley, Board President.
      • The WC Connections page received 71 pageviews from 52 users from Septmber 20 through November 12 per Google Analytics.
    • Twitter - we now have 2,291 followers, a .011% increase. Have sent 4,074 tweets. During October, we had 1,970 impressions, 71 profile visits and 22 new followers. So far in November, we've had 1,147 impressions, 52 profile visits and lost 5 new followers.
    • Facebook - 1,435 people "like" our Facebook page (.08% increase), 76% are female, 23% male.
    • Our Flickr account regularly receives 500 to 1,600 views daily. Occasionally, we will have an anomaly and it bursts up to 20,000+ in one day. Our 15,705 photos have received 3,974,334 views since we joined in 2005. We have 201 followers.
    • Our Instagram account (@waynet_org) has 79 posts, 333 followers and 351 following.

    Issues & Projects for October / November

    • Still working on transfering data from Access into a Google Spreadsheet so we don't lose the information.
    • Met with Dakota and Mary Jo to discuss board retreat.
    • Reviewed multiple calendar software options, narrowed down to 2, eliminated 1 as they only had a WordPress option, ran trial on software by Time.ly. Free trial expires on Dec. 2nd.
    • Assemble list of assets
    • Update site with election info.
    • Work on budget projection for next 3 months

    Photo Sessions:

    • Veteran's Parade
    • Fall Color
    • FANGtastic Fall Festival

    Website Maintenance:

    • Clean broken internal links.
    • Update logos, links, as requested.
    • Review and update page links & calendar events, and press releases as necessary. Take photos.
  • Technical issues:
    • Still need to purchase & set up SSL Certificate

    My To-Do List:

    • Website Overhaul - continue transferring pages to new layout - New, Spotlight and Minutes are still outstanding to transfer. Often viewed spotlighted items are transferred as they receive notice.
    • Research updated calendar software options
    • Ongoing: Schedule guests for County Connections.
    • Ongoing: Make calls on members/potential members
    • Ongoing: Continue to review & update web pages.
    • Prepare & Mail invoices and statements each month, Accounts Receivable
    • Ongoing - Review files for clean up using Screaming Frog SEO spider and Optimizr.com.
    • Set up Internship/Volunteer Program

    Log Analysis

    2017 Reports

    Google Analytics Report for 2017 / Comparison to 2016

    Behavior Flow - Via Landing Page - 2017

    Aquisition 2017

    Devices 2017

    Top 100 Landing Pages 2017

    Traffic 2017

    Current Reports

    Current Google Analytics Report, compare previous period

    Current Google Analytics Report, compare same period/previous year

    Behavior Flow - Via Landing Page - Current Period

    Behavior Flow - Via Default/Home Page - Current Period

    Note that our unique visits are down significantly, likely due to our site being "dinged" by Google for not being "mobile-friendly".

    Historical Background

    The figures that were formerly in this section were created from the statistics generated by the AWStats program offered online by our web host.

    One of the major changes that occurred when AMHosting moved our site to a new server was that we no longer have access to AWStats, the statistics program we used for years.

    The downside is that we can no longer compare apples to apples when looking at our historical data. The good news is that we have had Google Analytics set up on the site for some time, so we can still maintain a long-term overview by looking at this service.


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    Did You Know?

    Fossiliferous limestone of the Ordovician Period in the Whitewater Gorge is 425 Million years old. It is one of only two places in the United States where this type of limestone is exposed to the surface.