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Executive Director's Report for November 13, 2008

Applied for fee waiver:  

Membership Changes/Additional Fees:

  • (- 60) Removed Criss Ryan Professional Magician as a Basic Member
  • (-300) Removed Richmond Apothecary as a Business Member (business purchased by Phillips Drugs)
  • (- 60) Removed Wayne County Vision as a Not-for-Profit Member (organization disbanded)
  • (-300) Removed The Woodshop as a Business Member (business purchased by new owner)
  • (+  0) Added Wayne County GAL/CASA as a division of a Sponsoring Member
  • (+ 60) Added Long Life Food Depot, LLC as a Basic Member
  • (+ 60) Added Patio at the Country Ribeye as a Basic Member
  • (+ 60) Added Hair Care USA as a Basic Member
  • (+100) 1 Photo shared, usage of 4 photos sold to United Way
  • Total Change: -$440

Advertising/Marketing/Community Relations

  • Attend EDC South African Luncheon
  • Attend IU East Business Leaders Luncheon
  • Met with Sharon Bradley of Palladium-Item, RE: ad options/membership
  • Ongoing: KICKS96 promotion - "Exclusive Partner" on KICKS96 community calendar (supplied by, 20 mentions/month and 5 -:30 promos per week. $125/month 1/08-12/08 - 11/07 & 12/07 Free.  (Update - they have updated their website and now link to us under the "Kicks Cares" heading.)
  • Ongoing: Business card size ad in the Centerville News newsletter for 12 months (cost $25 membership + $100/12 ads)

Issues & Projects for September/October/November

  • Prepare 2009 budget for review.
  • Begin sharing information with Google Docs so we can work with scenarios in meetings, update info from home if necessary.
  • Sent letter to Fee-Waived not-for-profit members requesting information update/reminding them of membership.
  • Research and purchase new laser printer/copier/fax (Canon MF 4150 - $149 plus $5.84 for a cable.)
  • Set up new printer.
  • Removed "Inside Wire Maintenance" from our Verizon services. (local phone services)
  • Took old UPC Battery Backup to Earlham Computer recycling event.
  • Added/Removed members as required.
  • Updated website with new information from Annual Meeting.
  • Created and emailed October edition of WayNet News
  • Work with Executive Board to recruit new board members.
  • Google Adsense Earnings Report (Due to receive a check for $104.30 by Dec. 26)
  • Website Maintenance:  
    • Using link checker software, I am slowly reviewing and fixing outdated links.
    • Review and update page links & calendar events, as necessary. Take photos.

Log Analysis (as of November 1, 2008)
These figures were created by the AWStats program offered online by our web host.  We also track usage with Google Analytics.

Monthly figures are now being posted on the Top Twenty page.  Current average is 66,770  user sessions per month.  Web page views are averaging 164,159.   Users sessions decreased 9% in September and increased by 13% in October, likely due to the nice weather we had in September.  Page views increased by 3% September, with an additional 2% in October. 

3rd Quarter 2008 - Quarterly figures for user sessions decreased 16% from 2nd Quarter after an increase in the 2nd Quarter of 2008, which can likely be attributed to people searching for information on our community due to the publicity surrounding the Model T Party.  Page views decreased by 13% in the third quarter following a 32% increase in the 2nd Quarter of 2008.

2007 Yearly Figures show a 2% increase to 668,203 users requesting 1,772,590 pages as compared to 657,784 users requesting 1,693,456 pages in 2006.  This is a 2% increase in users and a 2% increase in page views over 2006

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