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Executive Director's Report for November 17, 2005

Applied for fee waiver:  

Membership Changes/Additional Fees:

  • Added Basic Member: White River Architectural Salvage & Antiques
  • Removed Sponsoring Member: WQLK/WHON (Kicks96)


  • Participated in the Chamber of Commerce's "Taste of Wayne County" event, $250 sponsorship fee paid by the Palladium-Item.
    • Gave away candy with "" stickers.) 
    • People either were very familiar with and seemed generally happy with the web site, or had not heard of it at all.

Issues & Projects for September/October/November

  • Created a "Meeting and Events Facilities" page along with an update form.
  • Prepared for annual meeting.
  • Updated board of directors on web and mailing lists.
  • Created a page for the new "Riverside Trails".
  • Set up a "Wayne County, Indiana" group on the web site, Flickr.
  • Attended mandatory MRL Employee training session.
  • Checked user information on the Artists of Wayne County section:
  • Edited Talk of the Town, working with the Executive Committee.
  • Made proposal to the Hagerstown FFA to work together on a new Quiz featuring Agriculture.
  • Purchased stamps - after some issues with using the city's metered mail.
  • Taught Bev Nixon (Richmond Celebrates) how to enter events on the calendar.
  • Attended the Pal-Item panel discussion on "Non-Profit Events".
  • Continuing education:  taking a FREE Excel class being offered to MRL employees, 3 Monday's from 8:00 a.m. to 10:30 am.
  • Took 2 vacation days during this period.  (Approx. 22 hours of personal/holiday time to use by Dec. 31.)
  • Website Maintenance:  
    • Redid the CSS/home page so that it worked better in Firefox.
    • Researched and added a "Rotating Text" script to better circulate the names of members under the "Featured - a special member" section on the home page.  Required changing default.htm to default.shtml.  Added a redirect to the server.
    • Review and update page links & calendar events, as necessary. Take photos.

Log Analysis
These figures were created by the AWStats program offered online by our web host. 

Monthly figures are now being posted on the Top Twenty page. We are currently averaging 38,313
 user sessions per month.  Web page views (hits) are averaging 117,040.   Users were up 5% in September and 6% in October.  Page views increased by 11% in September but were down by 4% in October.

3rd Quarter 2005 - Quarterly figures for user sessions increased by 2% over 2nd Quarter.  Page views increased by 8%. User sessions increased by 28% over the same time period last year. 

2004 Yearly Figures show a 20% decrease to 407,300 users requesting 1,157,890 pages as compared to 458,741 users requesting 1,605,683 pages in 2003.  This is a 26% decrease in users and a 28% decrease in page views over 2003

Hits to the Artists of Wayne County Web Pages
January 1, 2005 to November 1, 2005
Artists     Collection  
default.htm 1097   Cambridge Library 241
artist_index.htm 797   Earlham 198
    Morrisson-Reeves 351
    Quaker Hill  
    Richmond Community Schools 204
Bio     Reid Hospital 181
Baker 461   Richmond Art Museum 373
Bundy 468   Wayne County Historical Museum 203
Cathell 280      
Conner 277      
Eggemeyer 357      
Eyden Jr. 305      
Eyden Sr. 337      
Forkner 290   Large Images-640  
Girardin 386   cathell_tropicana_roses.htm 249
Mote, Marcus 282   girardin-frank-nationlroadbridge.htm 233
Mote, Alden 249   bundy-mrl-clearcreek.htm 194
Overbeck  903   forkner-edgar-mill.htm 177
Seaford 285      
Williams 319      


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