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Executive Director's Report for July 15, 2004

Applied for fee waiver:  

Membership Changes/Additional Fees:

  • Added Sponsoring Member, Jenkins Real Estate
  • Enhanced Sponsoring Member to Gold Member, Earlham College
  • Enhanced Basic Member to Business Member, Renaissance Properties Management, LLC
  • Received Application: Richmond Art Club - awaiting content for web page.


  • Banner at Wayne County 4-H Fair

Issues & Projects for May/June/July

  • Begin design and layout work for the "Artists of Wayne County" project.  Photoshop work has been done on those photos.  Still need to take photos at three more institutions. Shaun Dingwerth has submitted content for 6 of the 10 identified artists.
  • General Maintenance: Back up photos to CD. Run Anti-Spyware programs.
  • Tweaked email so that I am now dealing with less spam. (Thanks, Chris, for the tips!)
  • Website Maintenance:  
    • Review and update page links & calendar events, as necessary. Take photos.
    • Make changes to rotations required by addition of new sponsor.
    • Update page: Fishing, Boating, Swimming, Churches, Restaurants, Motor Sports,

Log Analysis 
Ran weekly and posted on the Members Only page. Monthly figures are now being posted on the Top Twenty page. We are currently averaging 35,943 user sessions per month.  Web page views (hits) are averaging 100,253.   Users were down 11% in June with a level usage of page views, and a 32% decrease from June of 2003.  I am at a loss to explain the downturn and have involved Chris Hardie and Randy Baker in the issue.  There may be some discrepancy in the way the logs are maintained between the two different servers or we may be experiencing unreported downtime.  Exploration of this issue will continue.

2nd Quarter 2004 - Quarterly figures for user sessions decreased by 25%.  Page views decreased by 34%. User sessions declined by 32% over the same time period last year. 

2003 Yearly Figures show an outstanding 548,741 users requesting 1,605,683 pages as compared to 413,253 users requesting 1,291,024 pages in 2002.  This is a 33% increase in users and a 24% increase in page views over 2002

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