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Executive Directors Report for January 15, 2002

Applied for fee waiver:  None

Membership Changes:


  • Stopped running the Tuesday "E-Section" classified listing.
  • Radio spots on WKBV in December
  • Create ad for the Chamber's Community Profile publication (2 year life)
  • Membership information requested by: Java Hut, Atlas Senior Apartments, The Potter's Wheel Bed & Breakfast, Wayne Bank & Trust called regarding upgrading their membership to a Gold level - no confirmation yet.

Achievements for November/December/January

  • Received Chamber nomination for the "Achievement of Excellence 2001" award. - Sent in requested information.
  • Prepare for/Meet with each WayNet committee.
  • Set up mailing lists.
  • Meet with advertising sales people for Pal-Item & WKBV & KICKS96.
  • Upgraded WebTrends before our update license ran out.
  • Attend Technology Task Force committee meetings.
  • Get DNS service changed to local control for
  • Burn CD of photos of Levi Coffin House so they can send to approved users without my intervention.
  • Prepare budget projections.
  • Research history of "War in Centerville" and Knights of Columbus building.
  • Used balance of vacation/time off for 2001.
  • Prepare yearly log figures.
  • Garbage files - Spend one day re-installing software.
  • Website Maintenance:  
    • Review and update page links as necessary.  
    • Took new photos and updated Wayne County Gifts page.
    • Added necessary files/folders for 2002.
    • Archived old files - set up new Education and Local Communities section of Talk of the Town.

On-Going Projects

  • Terms of Service policy - needs to be updated and approved.
  • Continue to look at alternative funding sources.
  • Work on marketing - send direct sales letters w/application to local businesses w/web sites.
  • Create new "Wallpaper" section from existing photos.
  • Continue to review & update web pages.

Log Analysis 
Ran weekly and posted on the Members Only page.  User sessions in December jumped an astounding 43% over November figures to 26,887 and web page views an even greater 56% to at 97,189.  The only explanation I can arrive at is the "fixing" of our problems with the domain.  This URL is used extensively by other web sites and is the bookmarked URL by many long-time users.

4th Quarter 2001 - Quarterly figures for user sessions and page views declined by 1% for the first time since we began tracking.  This is attributable to the reduced figures in October when we lost several days of our logs and the reduced numbers in November for the domain problem. 4th Quarter '01 usage increased 25% over 4th Quarter '00. 

2001 Yearly Figures show an outstanding 260,875 users requesting 930,554 pages as compared to 204,689 users requesting 667,511 pages in 2000.  This is a 27% increase in users and a 39% increase in page views over 2000. Our actual figures were somewhat larger than this due to the problems involved when the web site was moved to the new server due to the virus problem and we lost access to the log files for the web site.  Logs were reset approximately October 10.  

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