Executive Directors Report for February 22, 1999

New Not-for-Profit Members(1)
Richmond Civic Theatre

New Basic Members:(1)
Brett Boyd
Jimmy Lawrence

Basic Members Invoiced Directly:(3)
Gibbs, Eric
Pottery Auction (paid)
Brady, Ware, & Shoenfeld, Inc.
January bill to Infocom for 17 basic members and 1 Expanded member - $110.00 - Paid
January bill to Paust for 7 basic members - $35.00 - Paid

New Expanded Members: (1)
Bowers Building and Remodeling Co. and The Woodshop - Paid $360 for Commerce Package

New Sponsoring Members - Paid: (1)
Wayne Bank and Trust Co.

Existing Sponsoring Members Renewed Their Membership:
Computer HELP!

Existing Sponsoring Members Invoiced:
SANYO-Verbatim CD Company
Success Thru Learning

Services Invoiced:
Hagerstown FFA - Web page set up - $50.00

Hagerstown FFA - $100.00 donation - THANK YOU!

Applied for fee waiver:
Forwarded new policy to Friends United Meeting Application - have not heard back from Johan.  They have given us a link from their home page.

Requested to continue ads on radio Kicks96 - once per week - prior to sports in the morning.  Seems to be a problem with this - I am investigating.  Will run through April.

Running 30 second ads, 2 every other day, on 101.3 during morning drive time. 

Log Analysis
Ran weekly and posted on the Members Only page.  Weekly averages are1770 visitors and 5022  hits. January figures were up significantly, 30% on user sessions and 40% on page views.  This hopefully signifies that more people are becoming aware of WayNet - but also reflecting two weeks that we were snowed in - and no school.  Fourth quarter figures are quite impressive with 43% increase in user sessions and 22% increase in hits.  I expect another significant jump in 1st quarter figures.

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Achievements for February

On-Going Projects for the coming month

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