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By mary spicer on Tuesday, January 25, 2005 - 04:28 pm: Edit Post

i have a group picture of me and other from 1955 i wonder if anyone else has pictures from the uncle orrie show , i belive this picture is from that show

By mike hammock (Unregistered Guest) on Friday, March 10, 2006 - 02:32 pm: Edit Post

i definetly remember the uncle orrie show,they would show the little rascals. ferddie would have to start up that old model T ford.

By michael jack hammock (Unregistered Guest) on Friday, March 10, 2006 - 02:34 pm: Edit Post

i definetly remember the uncle orrie show,they would show the little rascals. ferddie would have to start up that old model T ford.

By Harley Barrett (Unregistered Guest) on Thursday, March 30, 2006 - 07:13 pm: Edit Post

I remember being in the audience when I was under 10 , around 1962, and that since it was Christmas time, there was at least one woman dressed as an elf to be on the show. I remember vividly how shocked I was to see her touching up her elf makeup off camera. I believe I even deduced that the pointed ears were fake!!!
The Czech made kiddie drama JOURNEY TO THE BEGINNING OF TIME, featuring stop motion dinosaurs, was syndicated to the US about that time, in five minute episodes, and since I saw it, it must have been broadcast in Dayton. I am pretty sure it was on Uncle Orrie's show. Does anyone remember this?
(The complete JOURNEY show is on DVD now, BTW. GREAT dinosaur fights...well, If you're a little kid with a B&W TV 30 years before CGI dinos, yeah...)

By Jersey (Unregistered Guest) on Saturday, April 08, 2006 - 11:46 pm: Edit Post

Great show from the 50's. Anyone have any black & white pictures of the show to share. My old class is doing a way back when and looking for photos from some of the old Dayton area TV.



By Jane Holman (Admin) on Monday, April 10, 2006 - 01:59 pm: Edit Post

Here's an interesting web page that discusses the Uncle Orrie Show.

By Rich Monder (Unregistered Guest) on Monday, April 10, 2006 - 02:30 pm: Edit Post

Nosey the Clown was Uncle Orrie's second banana when I was very little. Occasionally his nose would swell and EXPLODE! He seemed to be in great pain when it happened. That always scared me to death and sent me running out of the room. I was no doubt glad when he left the show.

By Rich Monder (Unregistered Guest) on Monday, April 10, 2006 - 02:40 pm: Edit Post

OOH - OOOHH! Just thought of something else. Does anybody remember kids singing the "BHA means Better Home Appliances" song while Uncle Orrie comped on guitar? Then he'd reach in his wallet and pay them each a buck, on the air?

"Your music and appliance store, ONCE MORE,
Your music and appliance store, BHA!"

A guitar-playing friend & I worked up a snazzy arrangement for that tune, thinking we'd be stars. But Dayton was far away & our parents wouldn't co-operate...

By bargaincitykid (Unregistered Guest) on Thursday, May 04, 2006 - 07:45 pm: Edit Post

As a grade schooler, I was in love with Mary Barnett, who did the appliance store commercial on Uncle Orrie ( the kids in the studio would yell===Barnett's in Bellbrook!). I also remember the treasure hunt game played on Saturdays which, if the participant chose the wrong step, would get "water". They even had the kid in a rain coat just in case.

By William Minor Jr. (Bubby) on Thursday, May 04, 2006 - 09:33 pm: Edit Post

Remember the Campfire Girls the Blue birds and the Brownies.

I've something in my pocket, it last a long, long
while, I take it out and put it on, it's a great big Brownie smile.

By shirley dixon (Erika) on Saturday, August 26, 2006 - 10:52 pm: Edit Post

Hi, I was one of the BHA kids who did the commercial in about 1962 along with my sister and best friend. I would like to hear from other people to have a reunion.
Dayton, Ohio

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