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By Blight Fighter on Friday, August 01, 2003 - 12:50 pm: Edit Post

Makes you wonder what will happen if/when Darth Raper starts on his pre-fab, ill-conceived, torpedo-the-property-values housing development.

Will the garish, overdone billboards for the RV center be replaced by ones for this aesthetic sinkhole...OR...(here's the smart-money bet) will an all-new crop of vapid, tacky, floodlit monstrosities appear?

It's a shame that tornados only seek out trailer parks, don't you think?

By jmccreery on Thursday, August 21, 2003 - 06:25 pm: Edit Post

Thinking of the sign blighted Richmond I-70 corridor: Imagine a family stuffed into one of Tom's huge road hogs comming over a hill anticipating a view of Mt. Rushmore or the Rockies only to encounter a wall of these illuminated monstrosities obscuring these gifts to all from god. ....while a line of passenger cars a mile long waits to pass.... Do we really believe that these signs are a right? How about putting one in residential front yards advertizing "Abortion Services" or "Euthenasia NOW!" There are overarching values which the community should reserve for all; like speed limits and public decency ordinances. Richmond would be a more attractive place for business if visitors could see we valued the aesthetic resources of the place where we live. = start by appealing to advertizer's public interest to remove the giant eye sores and then Dear COunty Commissioners please pass and enforce reasonable sign laws and protect our scenic heritage!

By Jack Smith on Monday, October 06, 2003 - 01:58 am: Edit Post

Tom Raper employs over 200 people in Richmond, Indiana. The billboard signs help to keep these people employed. Richmond needs all of the employment they can get at this time. How would you think the people that are employed at Tom Raper's would feel if Tom would move to a bigger city where he could make more money. They would be umemployed with not many places to seek employment in this area. Tom Raper has been in the top ten tax payers in Wayne County for about twenty years. This can be seen at the Wayne County Courthouse. You should be nicer to Tom Raper and be glad that he is staying in Richmond at this time and hope that he stays here. That is if you have a heart for the people that are working there. There are more signs on I-70 than all of Tom Raper's signs put together. In your heart why do you feel ill towards Tom Raper. Are you jealous? Tom Raper has worked very hard to build his business. Much risk and stress. Why not say some nice things about him.

By John McCreery (Faustswheeple) on Monday, October 06, 2003 - 09:16 pm: Edit Post

The complaints about the signs are not about Tom Raper personally. They are simply recognition of a syntom of a disease called: wonton disregard for the general good. They litter the highway. I'm not sure if it is not a mistake to assume that success in business equates with good citizenship or good stewardship. Eclestiacs tells us not to expect automatic rewards for our efforts or pains. Intent (to take advantage of others) is another thing.
THe zoning compromizes Tom;s representatives asked of the County Council sevral years ago were bad planning and against existing ordinances. His representatives said that they needed to pack the manufactured homes in like mobile homes in order to make a buck. Think about that for a while - while you enjoy your sardines. Maybe we should leave the signs up as symbols of our problems as a city. We shold take them down when we have equal pay for equal work, fair wages, no poverty, healthy housing, honest business practices...and Bush levitates into heaven on a wave of silent prayer by the faithful poor in thanks for having the opportunity to be trickled down upon by the rich who go the big bucks back.

By Lisa Scarpelli (Explorer29) on Wednesday, February 09, 2011 - 11:20 pm: Edit Post

I think that it's interesting that business is not necessarily equivalent with being a good citizen or a good steward. While business success may be seen as a way to provide people with employment, and therefore benefit the city, it may not necessarily be the sole source of making Richmond a great place to live. Having a community where people talk with each other and connect is also important. Yes, of course people need a way to provide for their livelihood, yet they can also be proud of having a positive community atmosphere.

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