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Happy Thanksgiving!
Wishing you a peaceful holiday with time to reflect on the blessings in your life!

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New WayNet Members
We've added a lot of new members since our last newsletter was published!  You can always stay current with new members since they are featured on our home page, with a "New" icon on the member page, in the "Member News" section, via our tweets, or on Facebook.

Bullerdick Furniture and Mattress
This is an inviting website for a long standing business in our community. Don't miss the "What's New" section on their site for great ideas on turning your house into a warm, welcoming home.

     *Bullerdick Furniture and Mattress (http://www.bullerdickhome.com/)

Gillam & Zetzl, CPA's
This local accounting firm specializes in small business and individual accounting and tax needs.

     *Gillam & Zetzl, CPA's (http://www.gillamzetzl.com/)

Therapeutic Solutions
The folks at Therapeutic Solutions are using Facebook to share the many ways they can help relieve the stress of the season!

     *Therapeutic Solutions (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Richmond-IN/Therapeutic-Solutions-Richmond-In/164476166912922)

Hodgin Road Christian Church
Visit this local church website to learn about their beliefs and multiple ministries to their congregation and the community, including Angel Food Ministries.

     *Hodgin Road Christian Church (http://hodginroadchristian.com/)

Clare Seffrin Bond: The Road to Clarity
Need help figuring out which direction you should be going in your life? New WayNet member, Clare Seffrin Bond will help you find clarity about where you're going and the best way to get there.

     *Clare Seffrin Bond: The Road to Clarity (http://www.theroadtoclarity.com/)

The Gennett Mansion
The beautiful Gennett Mansion offers tours, fund-raisers, special dinners and lunches as well offering a great space for your next meeting or special event.  Be sure to check their website for the special holiday events they have planned.

     *The Gennett Mansion 

Agee Design
Agee Design, located in a historic Centerville archway building, and offers website development, print and graphic design, as well as video production and editing services.

     *Agee Design  (http://www.ageedesign.com/) 

Whitewater Valley Pro Bono Commission
This non-profit organization provides free legal assistance to low income residents of Fayette, Franklin, Rush, Union and Wayne Counties in Indiana.

     *Whitewater Valley Pro Bono Commission  (http://www.whitewatervalleyprobono.org/) 

Clear Creek Food Cooperative
There's an exciting new addition to downtown Richmond! Clear Creek Food Co-op, located across the street from Veach's, carries fresh, locally grown produce, dairy products, organic foods, fresh roasted coffee, bulk foods and more!

     *Clear Creek Food Co-op  (http://www.clearcreekcoop.org) 

Senior Opportunity Services (SOS, Inc.)
Need some handyman services around the house? Looking for a beautiful handcrafted item to give as a gift or to decorate your home? Are you a senior that's looking for employment? Senior Opportunities Services, better known as S.O.S., Inc. is ready to help you solve each of these conundrums!


Shop online for beauty products of all types at BeautySak


Richmond Woman Today
Richmond Woman Today is a magazine style Website for local women of Richmond and Wayne County, Indiana

     *Richmond Woman Today  (http://www.richmondwomantoday.com/)

Drug Free Wayne County
Learn about the programs of the Partnership for a Drug Free Wayne County, whose mission is to promote, support and encourage the prevention, education, treatment and law enforcement of substance abuse and substance abuse related issues including alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

     *Drug Free Wayne County  (http://www.drugfreewaynecounty.org/)

Go Wayne County
Go Wayne County is an online social site, created by local resident, Jack Humphry.


Peer Information Center for Teens, Inc.
Peer Information Center for Teens trains high school students so that they may help their peers in times of stress.

     *Peer Information Center for Teens

Dayle K. Lewis
Many examples of the work of local chainsaw carving artist, Dayle Lewis, can be found across Wayne County. Visit his web gallery to see his work that extends as far as Texas and Louisiana!

     *Dayle K. Lewis (https://www.facebook.com/dayle.lewis1)

Community Calendar
There are many fun, interesting and often FREE events coming up during the holidays.  Be sure to check WayNet.org's community calendar each week to find out what's happening in Richmond and Wayne County. 

     *WayNet Community Calendar

Learn how to add your organization's event to the Community Calendar via this simple video:

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