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How To Remember Keyboard Shortcuts for Cut | Copy | Paste
New in the How To Center: learn visual cues for remembering the computer keyboard shortcuts for Cut, Copy & Paste.

     *Cut | Copy | Paste (http://www.waynet.org/howto/computers/cut-copy-paste.htm)

     *WayNet's How To Center  (http://www.waynet.org/howto/default.htm)

Area 9 Agency on Aging
The website for the Area 9 Agency on Aging has received a major website update.  Visit this easy to navigate site for information on the multitude of services they offer seniors and the entire community.

     *Area 9 Agency on Aging  (http://lifestreaminc.org/wayne-county/)

Community Education Coalition Welcomed as New WayNet Member
WayNet welcomes new member, the Community Education Coalition. Check their site to discover the wide variety of programs they offer.  With topics covering everything from business leadership to philanthropy to children's art classes, there is sure to be something that appeals to everyone!

Community Education Coalition (http://www.comedcoalition.org/)

Richmond Brainstorm
Do you have a great idea, but aren't sure who to share it with? Do you have time or resources, but are looking for a great idea? Richmond Brainstorm is here with a solution. Join today to share your ideas, your opinions and celebrate successes!

Richmond Brainstorm (http://www.richmondbrainstorm.com)

Wayne County Veg*n Resources
Trying to follow a vegetarian diet - but are looking for support from others here in the Wayne County area? Visit Wayne County Veg*n Resources for tips, definitions of various veg*n terms and even restaurant menus.

Wayne County Veg*n Resources (http://waynecountyveg.org/)

Local Company's Work Featured on Martha Stewart
Adopt-a-Pet.com, a pet adoption website built by local web developer, Summersault, LLC, was featured on the Martha Stewart show last week.

     *View the web site demo on Martha Stewart Show Segment

     *Adopt-a-Pet.com (http://www.adoptapet.com)

     *Summersault, LLC

HELP the Animals Updates Website
Local no-kill animal shelter, HELP the Animals, Inc., recently updated their website.  Visit to find out how you can adopt a pet, volunteer, or receive low cost spay and neuter services for your pet.

      *HELP the Animals Shelter  (http://members.petfinder.com/~IN135/index.html)

Lemonade Day - May 3, 2009
Begin planning now to help a special child participate in Lemonade Day!  Lemonade Day introduces kids to entrepreneurship by encouraging kids to start a lemonade stand and sell their lemonade to the entire community on May 3rd. Schools, community groups and businesses get involved to make this all happen.  It is a fun program started by Wayne County native, Michael Holthouse, in Houston 2 years ago.  The program is growing and Wayne County is one of four locations in the nation that will participate. 

How do local kids participate? Just get registered!

     *Lemonade Day, Wayne County, Indiana

     *Lemonade Day Frequently Asked Questions  (http://www.lemonadeday.org/public/pag320.aspx)

     *Learn more about Michael Holthouse (http://www.prepared4life.org/public/pag44.aspx)

How To Make the Most of Your WayNet.org Membership
For our current members - or perhaps those businesses and organizations who are considering membership, we've created a new article in our "How To Center" to help you better understand the benefits of your WayNet membership and how to use it to your best advantage.

     *Making the Most of Your WayNet.org Membership

     *WayNet How To Center  (http://www.waynet.org/howto/default.htm)

As Seen on TV! - Wayne County is a Great Place to LIVE, WORK, and PLAY
WayNet.org is proud to partner with Wayne County Government and Whitewater Community Television to bring you the Wayne County Connections TV show on WCTV.  Michael Sweigart hosts this half-hour program that features a variety of guests and organizations from across Wayne County.  This month's guest is Mary Walker from the Richmond/Wayne County Convention and Tourism Bureau discussing the many fun activities so you can PLAY right here in Wayne County!  Check the County Connections web page for current guests as well as show times.

     *Wayne County Connections

     *Whitewater Community Television - WCTV  (http://wctv.info/)

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