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Welcome to Primex Plastics
WayNet welcomes Primex Plastics Corporation, the leader in the custom sheet extrusion industry. With facilities around the country and around the world, we're proud that Primex Plastics Corporation has their corporate headquarters right here in Wayne County, Indiana!
     *Primex Plastics (http://www.primexplastics.com/)

Jenney Cowin, CPA
New WayNet member, Jenney Cowin, CPA is a full-service CPA firm. They work with both individuals and businesses and believe in the value of communication with the client.

Jenney Cowin, CPA

All Dressed up - where Are we going to go?
Ghyslain Pastries 8255Wayne County has had an explosion of new restaurants open within the last month.  With a wide variety of choices, from fast food to delectable French pastries, there's something for everyone's taste.  WayNet's restaurant list let's you narrow your choices by type, by location or alphabetically by name of the business. (Photo © Jim Hair)
     *WayNet's Restaurant Guide (http://www.waynet.org/restaurant/)

how doES MY Business become a member of waynet.org?
WayNet.org is a trusted community resource, with more than 15,000 visitors each week turning to us for information, research and answers.  Assure that your business or organization is easily found by becoming a member of WayNet.org.  We offer five different levels of membership, so there is certain to be a level that is a perfect fit for your budget and promotion needs.
     *WayNet Membership Application (http://www.waynet.org/waynet/application.htm)

This week in Wayne County
As always, our calendar is jam-packed with things to do.  Don't miss out on any of the fun events - stop by each week to see what's going on!
     *WayNet Community Calendar (http://www.waynet.org/calendar/)

     *InCONCERT presents: The Cool City Swing Band, Friday, June 13th at 7:00 p.m.

     *4-H Queen Pageant, Friday, June 13th at 7:00 p.m. at Hagerstown High School

     *Psi Iota Xi Golf Tournament, for amateurs only, Saturday, June 14 at 7:30 a.m.

     *Enjoy a Volksport Walk @Glen Miller Park on Saturday, June 14, start time from 9-12 Noon

     *HELP the Animal shelter dogs will be playing in the Dog Park at Middlefork Reservoir on Saturday from 10am to 1pm, adoption applications will be available.

     *Visit the Wayne County Historical Museum from 11am to 2pm on Saturday, June 14 for Historical Scavenger Hunt, Time Capsule, Games, Prizes and Food! - FREE!

     *The Huddleston Farmhouse Museum will host quilt historian and certified quilt appraiser Caryl Schuetz for a discussion of women and quilting in the mid-nineteenth century from 1pm to 3pm on Saturday, June 14th.

     *Hayes Arboretum will host a one-session class on creating your own original watercolor painting from 1:30pm to 4:30 pm on Saturday, June 14.

     *Entertainment and fitness take center stage at the Dalmatian Foundation's Rock & Roll 5K, held this year at the Richmond Municipal Airport, registration begins at 4:30 pm, race begins at 6:30 pm.

     *Remember to wish dear old Dad "Happy Father's Day" on Sunday, June 15th!

Golay Center's New Website
Golay Community CenterThe Golay Center, Cambridge City's very active community center is now online.  Their new website features information about their facility, programs and history as well as membership information. 
     *The Golay Center (http://www.golaycenter.com/)

Rose View Transit Gets Bike Racks
Terri Quinter, Rose View Operations Manager, demonstrates the ease of use of the convenient bike racks newly installed on each of the City of Richmond buses, in this online video.
     *Bicycle Rack Video (http://www.youtube.com/v/_Q3w1-r7Q1E&hl=en)

     *Bicycling Information on WayNet.org (http://www.waynet.org/recreation/biking.htm)

Stardust Memories
Pamela Eyes PanoramaIf you're traveling north on U.S. 27 through Richmond, you'll notice Hoagy Carmichael's image begin to appear on the south end of the Readmore building, created by artist, Pam Bliss.  She also created many of the other murals around the community.  Why Hoagy?  Hoagy Carmichael first recorded "Stardust" right here in Richmond.  It went on to become one of the most recorded songs of all time. 
(Photo © Jim Hair)


     *Watch Pam at work!  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCzNmWT8Hq4)

     *Learn more about Hoagy Carmichael (http://www.hoagy.com/bio_short.htm)

     *The Hoagy Carmichael Collection at IU (http://www.dlib.indiana.edu/collections/hoagy/index.html)

     *See other murals Pam has created in Richmond, Indiana. (http://www.waynet.org/nonprofit/jazz_murals.htm)

Coming Soon:  Wayne County's 4-H Fair
Make your plans now to attend the Wayne County 4-H Fair.  See farm animals, 4-H hobby and research projects, stroll the midway and eat fair food!  The fair begins June 21st and runs through June 28th.
     *http://www.wayneco4hfair.com/ (http://www.wayneco4hfair.com/)

Volunteers needed for upcoming birthday T-party!
Model T Ford MuseumModel T Centennial T Party marks the 100th anniversary of the introduction of the Model T Ford, the car that changed the face of America...and this huge party will be celebrated right here in Wayne County!  Over 1,000 Model T's are expected at this event, along with national and international press. Events will take place from July 20th through the 26th. Many hands make light work, so get registered as a Model T Volunteer today - and encourage your friends and colleagues to do so as well!

     *Volunteer Signup

     *Model T Ford Centennial T-Party (http://www.tparty2008.com/)

     *Preliminary Schedule of Events (.pdf)

From WayNet's How To Center:
How to Build Your Credit Score

The five components which make up your credit score are:

1) Payment History (35%)
Make sure payments are paid by the due date listed or within grace period. When payments are 30 days late or more it can be detrimental to your score resulting in a possible 60 point hit. If this does happen be sure to payoff the account as soon as possible.

2) Amounts Owed (30%)
Keep your revolving debt at a maximum of 30% or less of your availability. Avoid maxing out credit cards and line of credit.

3) Length of Credit History (15%)
Lenders prefer to see a history of credit of at least 2 years worth or longer to show responsibility and discipline on payments.

4) New Credit (10%)
Avoid applying on loans & credit cards with multiple companies, even when you are “pre-approved”. Also, don't card hop just to get better interest rates. When you anticipate applying for financing, don't apply for anything within 60 days before hand.

5)Types of Credit Used (10%)
Lenders want to see a balance of credit used such as revolving and installment to show good financial management. If your scores have been damaged due to various situations keep in mind there are ways to improve your credit but unfortunately not over night.

Depending on what the scenario may be such as financial mismanagement, bankruptcy, or identity theft you can work towards improving your credit with patience, discipline & perseverance.

This article was submitted by Nikka Alcorn at West End Bank (http://www.3riversfcu.org)

     * Get more great tips from local experts: http://www.waynet.org/howto/  

     * Find out how to submit a tip and get your organization featured, here:

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