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Volume 01, Issue 03-22

A new page of postcard photos has been added. Included are photos of the Gaar Mansion, Richmond Art Museum, Huddleston House, Madonna of the Trail, Indiana Football Hall of Fame, and the statuary outside of the Wayne County Historical Museum.

Send a postcard to a misplaced Hoosier who would like a little piece of "home"!

We've added a new feature to the home page - a quick poll with a new question each week. With the current question we see if Wayne County can predict the outcome of the Oscar awards for best motion picture!

Drop by to express your opinion and see what the rest of Wayne County thinks! Next week's question: Where do you think new Wayne County jail should be built?

  (Hint: You have to vote in order to see the current results!)

It's the time of year when gardeners are itching to get their hands into the soil. Wayne County has lots of local resources, which you may locate via our Gardening page.

Here are some highlights:

If you like to stay on top of the weather, check out Weatherbug...a free program you can download for your personal computer. A product of AWS, it provides local weather info directly to your desktop, even announcing local storm warnings!

If you choose to install this program, the registration process will let you designate your local school to receive credit towards the installation of a weather unit. Here are the codes for our local high schools:

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