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Volume 00, Issue 03-20

BIG NEWS - TALK of the TOWN, Version 2.0!
It's human nature not to like change....but I hope you're going to like this

We've changed the software we're using for Talk of the Town in order to
1) easier access and following of topics,
2) added a way to notify the community of your organization's activities -
when they don't easily fit on the Community Calendar.
3) and many other potential features.

To get the most out of the new software,
sign up for a password by clicking on Instant Registration. However, to
post in the "Just Talk" section, you don't HAVE to use a password.

By editing your profile, you may choose to have responses to your comments
emailed directly to you! Also in EDIT PROFILE, you can CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD
to one that is easier for you to remember.

You can use the Community Announcement section to post on-going classes,
church events, such as bible schools, revivals or special speakers,
publicize your not-for-profit fund-raiser, or notify the community of a
reunion or family event, such as an anniversary. We do request that you use
a password to post to the Community Announcement area to allow us to contact
you for clarification if necessary.

WayNet receives visitors from around the world, residents that are new to
Wayne County, and current residents. Richmond/Wayne County is a helpful,
friendly community! Let's show the world by assisting our visitors in the
most courteous way possible.

The Law Office of Thomas Kemp is still in the same actual location....but
has changed web addresses. You may now locate them at

WayNet > Locate > Members

Added a link to "Quakers (Society of Friends) in Richmond and Wayne County".
This on-line brochure, hosted by Earlham College, offers a fascinating
glimpse into our past.

Linked from
WayNet > Visit/History > Detailed History

WayNet > Visit > Attractions > Museums > Levi Coffin House

WayNet > People > Genealogy


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