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How To Add an Event to the WayNet.org Calendar

This article explains the steps for entering an event on the WayNet Community Calendar. Posting to the community calendar is free for all public events that occur in Wayne County, Indiana. Please review the posting policy prior to posting your event.

Step 1.

Sign up for a username and password.

While not a requirement, signing in with a username and password will allow you to go back in and make changes to your events, should the time or date change, you notice a typo, etc.

Step 2.

Login with your username/password.

By doing this, rather than entering the information as an Anonymous User, it will allow you to go back in and make changes to your events, should the time or date change, you notice a typo, etc. (If you cannot remember your user name or password, please send me your preferred password and I will reset it.)

Step 3.

Be sure you are logged into the "WayNet Community Calendar", not "View All" or a different organization's calendar.

Step 4.

Fill in all the blanks.

  • Remember to change the drop down box to the appropriate CATEGORY.
  • If the DESCRIPTION has more than one paragraph, you MUST use html tags to separate the paragraphs.
  • <br /> can be used at the end of a sentence to force a return.
  • <br /><br /> can be used to force a double line (i.e. - the appearance of a new paragraph)
  • <p> and the beginning of a paragraph and </p> at the end of a paragraph will give the same appearance
  • Please give a complete address. Remember that out-of-town visitors may be looking at the calendar and would not know where your event is located. The address should be one that could be plugged into an online mapping program.
  • If you enter a WEB ADDRESS, please include the http:// at the beginning. This will force the software to become an automatic hyperlink. (For example, for WayNet's address I would enter: http://www.waynet.org.)

Step 5.

After you click on "SAVE AND CONTINUE" - don't forget to continue!

Step 6.

Enter the time (remember to use the drop down arrow to get AM or PM).

You must enter a beginning time unless you click on "All Day Event". An ending time is not required by the software. Please enter a time, if possible, as it helps to order the events for the day.

Step 7.

Enter the date.

  • The ">" arrow to the right of the "Individual Date" line will give you a calendar. You can then click on the correct date.
  • You may enter multiple dates in this manner.
  • If you use the "Date Range" option, be aware that the event will show on EVERY DAY between those two dates.

Step 8.

Check your entry on the calendar to make sure it appears on the correct date and that the formatting is correct. Be aware that the event goes into a queue for approval, so it may take anywhere from 2 hours to 3 working days for it to appear on the calendar.

Step 9.

If the entry must be updated or corrected, click on "Edit/Delete Event" in the drop down box at the top of the Administration page. Navigate to the correct month. The events are listed in date order. Click on Edit or Delete as appropriate.

Step 10.

If you are adding or deleting an event that takes place in the current week, a courtesy email to jane@waynet.org would be appreciated. A list of daily activities is harvested from the calendar and included on WayNet's home page. Notifying us will help publicize your changes.

If you have any questions or experience any difficulties with this process, please don't hesitate to email the director

Submitted by:
Jane Holman
50 North Fifth Street
Richmond, IN  47374

Email: jane@waynet.org

WayNet Member: WayNet.org
Member Website: http://www.waynet.org

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