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Volunteer Calendar Posting Policy

The Volunteer Needs Calendar is a service provided to the Wayne County, Indiana community by Waynet, Inc. This service is open to any tax-exempt organization in Wayne County, Indiana or adjacent county wishing request volunteer help from local indiviuals. Please give as much information as possible in the description about your volunteer service request.

The following guidelines apply:

Registered users may add, edit or delete their own posts. Anonymous users may add but not edit or delete.

Your posting may not appear on the calendar immediately. It will go into a queue so that it can be reviewed. Please allow 3 working days for your post to appear.

In order to keep the information current and accurate, please do not enter requests for more than 3 months ahead of time.

  1. Postings must be non-commercial in nature.
  2. Posts must be of interest to the general public.
  3. Postings must include the sponsoring organization, time, location, and a contact phone number.If there is specific time or the location is different from the organization's address, please include that information in the description.
  4. The posting may not be used to advertise or promote the sale of products or services, including advertisements for or endorsement of, candidates for public office. Description or praise of a product, or service which encourages purchase is not permitted.
  5. Tax-Exempt organizations may post fund-raising events.
  6. Postings may NOT include material considered to be obscene or profane.
  7. Postings may NOT be used to slander or libel any individual or group.
  8. No posting that discriminates against any individual or group will be posted.
  9. Waynet, Inc. reserves the right to refuse any posting or edit any posting to fit these guidelines.
  10. All postings must conform to the Waynet, Inc. Terms of Service Policy.

WayNet is pleased to be able to provide this service to the community, but it could not happen without the support of our members. Please consider becoming a member of to help maintain the Volunteer Calendar!


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• Toddler Time
• Food Truck Extravaganza
• Picnic Me Up Concert
• Cordell Municipal Pool
• Pro Bono Golf Outing
• Vacation Bible School
• Richmond Jazz Baseball
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Richmond, the county seat of Wayne County, is 966' above sea level.