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Habitat for Humanity of Greater Richmond

From: The Reece Family
Date: 11/27/99
Time: 4:02:14 PM
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In April, 1999, we began building our home on North 14th Street with the help of Habitat for Humanity. We are now just a few short weeks from moving into our new home. After working with Habitat on building our home, we have made a lot of great friends, and look forward to working with all of them in the future as we will be volunteering our time to help make other's dreams of becoming a home owner come true, just as ours has. Habitat for Humanity of Greater Richmond, along with all of the loyal volunteers are a blessing to Richmond. Thank you all for helping us make our dreams come true. If anyone would like to know any information about how we were so fortunate to be selected for a Habitat home or how to get started, feel free to e-mail us at Cricket227@webtv.net. We would love to share our experiences of working with such a wonderful group.

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