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Re: Horses

From: Norman Williams
Date: 11/18/99
Time: 9:54:06 AM
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Thanks Former Hoosier. Just encourage me a little bit with your letters and I will write a lot more. Yes I go way back in Richmond and my roots are there. Most of what I remember is only memories. However a lot of old Richmond has not changed. It has a charm and a facination that leaves me excited. Thanks to .everyone who made this site possible. You know I lead a charmed life and am very fortunate. I was an artist all of my life and earned my living doing paintings and sketches. I would love to do some pictures of old Richmond as it was way back then. I have a friend who does old fashion pictures and makes prints that sell at a big party celebration where the prints are sold and the original painting is awarded at a drawing. How about some celebration like that for an event in Richmond. If someone has any ideas let me know. Norman Williams, cknorm@ij.net or Box 547, Crystal Beach, Florida 34681

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