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Greensfork Ancestors

From: Norman Williams
Date: 10/12/99
Time: 3:49:04 AM
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Kate Breivik

bravekat@fls.infi.net 6611 Macklin Drive Spotsylvania, VA 22553 United States

Dear Kate Breivik: I am Norman Williams and I visited your page about your Williams relatives. This page is dedicated to the ancestry of my grandfather Frank Leroy Williams (pictured above with my grandmother, Lloyd Beatie. I have enclosed the following about my Williams relatives who came to Wayne County Indiana from Guilford County North Carolina. I am writing a book about the Williams family going back to Sir Richard Williams who was a knight in the court of King Henry VIII in England. I would be pleased to get any information that you have about your Williams ancestors to add to my collection.

To WayneNet, Jayne Beers, Esther Bond, Don Brammer: I am writing in response to the information on the internet about Greens Fork. I am very grateful for this history because my ancestors came from Greens Fork and lived there since 1792. I copied the following information because I have visited these places that have a special meaning to me. My Williams family are buried in the north east corner of the Fairfield Cemetary at Greens Fork. Daniel Williams, his wife Lydia Rider Williams, his son Daniel, My grandfather King Rider Williams, and Harriet Elizabeth Williams my grandmother. Cemeteries Greens Fork, Indiana

South Cemetery Mineral Springs Road. Porter Davis - Cemetery Board Member Fairfield Cemetery Carlos Road North. Esther Bond, Don Brammer - Cemetery Board Members. NEW: Greens Fork now has a tremendous amount of information available thanks to the efforts of Jayne Beers of the Clay Township Historical and Preservation Society. Located by going to the "Communities" section of WayNet; Greens Fork now has historical and current community information available. Check back soon as we will be adding pictures to accompany the current text. Located at https://www.waynet.org/community/Greens_Fork/default.htm.

Daniel Williams, born in North Carolina in 1792, from Pennsylvania in 1833, settled on the northeast part of the township, and later resided one and a half miles east of Washington (Greens Fork). I am Norman Williams the great grandson of the above Daniel Williams. Daniel Williams house still stands at the corner of Palmer Road north of Greens Fork where it turns east togo to Webster and Fountain City Indiana. Daniel Williams was Minister of the Society of Friends and later resided in Richmond, Indiana. He traveled much in the ministry both in America and England. His third wife was Lydia King Rider. Her father King Rider lived along the Hudson River near West Point. I have an old Quaker Bible that was given to her when she married Daniel Williams. Their son was King Rider Williams my grandfather. He married Elizabeth Haxton my grandmother also from Greensfork. King Rider Williams was a county recorder for Wayne County, an engineer and an inventor who help patents on the typewriter. They are all buried in the Fairfield Cemetary on Carlos Road north of Greensfork. My father was Charles E.Williams born in Richmond, Indiana the last child of King Rider and Elizabeth Haxton Williams. I am the son of Charles and Estelle Williams also born in Richmond, Indiana. My Williams family are mentioned in a book by Mabel Bean Williams that traces this branch of the Williams family back to Sir Richard Williams a knight in the court of King Henry VIII in England. Sir Richard was the son of Morgan Williams who came from Wales with Henry VII when he became the King of England at the battle of Bottsworth. Sir Richard changed his name from Williams to Cromwell and was the great uncle of Oliver Cromwell the Lord Protector in England. Sir Richards house still stands in England today. It is called Hinchingbrooke and is now a high school in Huningdonshire near Cambridge. Sir Richard was the sheriff of Cambridgeshire. His descendents in America was a Richard Williams who came to Boston in 1632 from Bristol and his son George Williams settled in Monocacy, Maryland where his son Richard Williams who married Prudence Beales the daughter of John Beales of Monocacy and moved to Guilford County North Carolina. The were one of the first settlers in that community and Indians lived all around them but no Quaker was ever harmed by the Indians. Richard owned 960 acres of land along the Horsepen Creek. The Battle of Guilford Court House began near his home at New Garden where the Quaker Church is located. He died of small pox that he caught from a wounded British soldier he war caring for after the battle between General Nathanial Greens American Army and the British of Lord Cornwallis. Richard Williams was the fourth child and Prudence Williams was the fifth child of Richard and Prudence of Guilford North Carolina. Prudence Williams the daughter married Levi Coffin Sr. and was the mother of Levi Coffin of Fountain City the President of the Underground Railway. Richard, Prudence, Levi Coffin and many other Quakers left North Carolina because of their opposition to slavery and came through the Cumberland Pass in Kentucky to come to Wayne County Indiana. Here Richard Williams lived to be 99 years old. Levi Coffin in his book "Reminisinces" calls Richard "Mean old Dick Williams." I do not have any information about Richard Williams in Wayne County but I hope to find something in the Quaker records I discovered all this information and more in a book by Mabel Bean Williams called the "Williams Genealogy." I found from the book that Mabel had lived in Tampa Florida near where I live in Florida. Mabel Bean Williams was a dancer who had been on the stage with Eddie Cantor's production "Make It Snappy" in New York. Her only daughter Gladys Bean married Dr. James Holdstock and lived in Tampa. Her daughter Jacqueline Holdstock married Otto Lee Henderson Jr. who joined his fathers insurance agency. I phoned the insurance company and was able to find that Jacqueline had four remaining copies of the book written by her grandmother. I was able to purchase two copies of the book that has all this information and more about my Williams ancestors. I would be pleased to share any of this with anyone who cares about the Williams family. I would like to get in touch with people who are related or are from Greensfork who can provide additional information. I would like to know more about Richard Williams and Daniel Williams who lived there. Please contact me Norman Williams, Box 547, Crystal Beach, FL 34681 or Email me at cknorm@gte.net Thank you for reading this. Norman Williams whose ancestors lived in Greens Fork.

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