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Re: Retaining the Main Street Bridge ??

From: Bill (O'Hara) Felker, candidate for city council
Date: 8/22/99
Time: 9:33:19 PM
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I agree with your comments on the Main Street bridge... with one addition. I would propose the bridge remain open to local auto traffic only during this one year period. During this time, traffic patterns could be studied to find out where traffic is coming from and going to... how much traffic would continue to use the Main Street, leaving the new bridge to U.S. 40 traffic... and to anyone else who might want to use it. I agree that tearing it down immediately following the opening of the new bridge would be unwise. At the end of the year, we would have a better idea of whether it should be renovated and at what cost. I submit that "cost" includes the convenience or inconvenice of local motorist. I'll have more say on this subject during the municipal campgain.

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