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Talk of the Town
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Treasure Land

From: Former Hoosier
Date: 7/13/99
Time: 5:42:20 PM
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Hello to all you Richmond people! You need to cherish the treasures of your town (if you don't already). Your town is a treasure land because of all the treasures that you have. Some of them are Hayes Arboretum, Glen Miller Park, Starr Historic District, Downtown (the buildings are painted beautifully - notice especially the 2nd stories), the court house, the reservoir, the ballparks, the list can go on and on. There have been some not so good things such as tearing down Frishes and the drive-in on the west side and the beautiful brick church on Main Street (for a CVS Store). But please appreciate the great things that you all have in Richmond Indiana. You are the luckiest people to be able to live there.

Revised: January 20, 2006