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Re: Good Old Days In Richmond

From: Richard Jay
Date: 4/14/99
Time: 4:56:14 PM
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I too was born (1919) and raised in Richmond living on So.21st just off of So A st. I went to high school in Boston, In as we moved to a farm on the Liberty Pike. I recall many of the things you mentioned. I also the 4th of July fireworks in Glenn Miller Park which was a beg event for us kids. My grandfather, Dr Joseph Jay, was the local dentist with an office on Main St. I returned after 50 yrs last May and found quite a change yet. My father's family were Quakers and I recall attending the Quaker meeting house on Main. I generally addended the 1st Presbyterian Church as my mother's family were Presbytgerian. I have many fond memories of Richmond even though I left there in 1943 eventually settling in California. Richard Jay Simi Valley, Calif

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