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Re: Let's Talk ARETHA!

From: Steve Sakowski
Date: 4/12/99
Time: 3:17:58 PM
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I second you on that comment Liz, the din from the audience was painfully obvious and I was quite shocked. In fact I can say that even attending performances of 'The Nutcracker' in Boston Ma. where close to half the audience was less then 10 years old I never heard such a din. The announcer should have reminded the audience of common courtesies such as remaining quiet and waiting till intermission to get drinks/food and visiting the facilities. That said the Aretha Portion of the show was marvelous. My wife and I had figured that much of her program would be made up of Opera selections but as the first beats of Sly Stone's 'Higher' rang out my wife turned to me with a smile and said: "Well so much for Opera!" Which is not to say the one Opera selection was anything short of magnificent, but it was truly an Aretha soul night. Great night overall, thanks RSO!

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