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From: Norman Williams
Date: 4/4/99
Time: 10:55:56 AM
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I would like to add more to my previous comments about Richmond. Richmond will always hold a fond place my heart. I grew up on the streets of Richmond and sold newspapers downtown. There were more horses than cars and electric automobiles were common. As a kid I called electric cars "Dumases." I learned to swim at the YMCA and swam in the Whitewater River and at a swimming hole north of Richmond where kids swam naked. My ancestors in Richmond were Quakers who came from North Carolina through the Cumberland Gap in Kentucky. My great great grandfather was named Richard Williams and lived to be 99 years old in Wayne County. My grandfather was King Rider Williams and was the county clerk at one time. He was an engineer and an inventor who had patents on parts of the typewriter and a wrench that was part pipe wrench, drill, screw driver and hammer. My fondest memories are as a boy in Richmond. I would be please to hear from anyone who has a story to tell about the Old Days in Richmond. I am Norman Williams in Crystal Beach, Fl 34581, PO Box 547. Email cknorm@ij.net Send me a letter. My grandfather and grandmother came from Greensfork, Indiana horth of Richmond. My grandmother used to tell me about going down to see Abraham Lincolns funeral train when she was a little girl. I though that would be in Richmond but the railroad goes north through Greensfork. The train came through at three in the morning so she was up late. I would love to be able to talk to my grandmother as there are many questions I would have asked. The Williams family are all buried in the Quaker cemetary at Greensfork. My grandfather however did not have a Quaker funeral and I wonder why. I think there may have been a falling away from the Quaker church. I discovered many things about my Williams family from a book written by Mabel Bean Williams. This book told of the Williams going back to Sir Richard Williams a knight in the court of Henry VIII. Sir Richard was the sheriff of Cambridgeshire and lived about ten miles away at Hinchingbrooke House which is still standing in England today. It is a high school in England and you can find a picture on the Hinchingbrooke Web Page. Sir Richards was the great uncle of Oliver Cromwell who was the Lord Protector of England. In American many of the Williams family were named Richard as my great great grandfather was. He came to Wayne county Indiana from Guiford County North Carolina through the Cumberland Pass with Levi Coffin the President of the Underground Railway. Prudence Williams was Richard sister and the mother of Levi Coffin. Richard Williams son was Daniel Williams a Quaker Minister who traveled widely speaking at Quaker meetings. His house is at the corner of Palmer Road where it turns to go to Webster and Fountain City where Levi Coffin lived. His house was the main station of the underground railway. Daniel's last child was my grandfather King Rider Williams. It was a big thrill to stand in the living room of that house where my family lived and to visit Greensfork where they came from and moved to Richmond where I was born. I did not know all this all of my life until I discovered Mabels book in the local library here in Palm Harbor Florida. I also was able to obtain two of the last remaining copies of that book from Mabels daughter who today lives just a short distance away from me in Tampa Florida. It was exciting finding out all this about my Williams family.

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