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Good Old Days In Richmond

From: Norman Williams, cknorm@ij.net
Date: 3/26/99
Time: 9:03:56 AM
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Richmond will always hold a fond place my heart. I grew up on the streets of Richmond and sold newspapers downtown. There were more horses than cars and electric automobiles were common. As a kid I called electric cars "Dumases." I learned to swim at the YMCA and swam in the Whitewater River and at a swimming hole north of Richmond where kids swam naked. My ancestors in Richmond were Quakers who came from North Carolina through the Cumberland Gap in Kentucky. My great great grandfather was named Richard Williams and lived to be 99 years old in Wayne County. My grandfather was King Rider Williams and was the county clerk at one time. He was an engineer and an inventor who had patents on parts of the typewriter and a wrench that was part pipe wrench, drill, screw driver and hammer. My fondest memories are as a boy in Richmond. I would be please to hear from anyone who has a story to tell about the Old Days in Richmond. I am Norman Williams in Crystal Beach, Fl 34581, PO Box 547. Email cknorm@ij.net Send me a letter.

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