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Frames are a great innovation.  They can speed the viewing of multiple pages or images with similar areas.  However they can also be messy to create, cause problems for your viewers, decrease the likelihood of being indexed by search engines,  and are limited to viewers with more recent browsers.

Many of today's browsers hide the "behind the scene" creation of frames.   It is important to understand how frames are created in order to keep them under control.

A browser window with just two "frames" is actually created with three .htm files. Each frame is a separate page plus the page that the browser pulls up that tells it how to display those two pages.

Therefore, when your visitor pulls up a "frames" page, they cannot actually print the page unless they have one of the newer browsers that lets them specify which frame they want to print.

It it a good idea to put a link at the bottom of the page that will make the page "come to the top".

To insure that your pages don't get caught in someone else's frames, you can include coding to bring your page to the top also.

What are those codes?


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