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Developed through local collaboration among many organizations and individuals, HOPE HOUSE offers:

  • emergency shelter to homeless men, many with addiction problems;
  • a residential, mutual-help alcohol and drug recovery program;
  • and other services aiding addicted individuals in transforming their lives and re-entering the community as constructive and productive members.

Emergency Shelter and Motivational Track

The emergency shelter for homeless men is both a life-saving service and a point of attraction for the recovery program. It provides overnight shelter, an evening and morning meal, and other services. A motivational tract for those desiring to free themselves from addiction includes a 12-step-based educational program called Recovery Dynamics, and an opportunity to serve others receiving emergency shelter.

Recovery Program

  • enhanced 12-step program with required attendance at AA/NA meetings
  • 4-7 months in residence
  • expanded drug education opportunities
  • open door to the healing work of the recovery community
  • increased access to services from healthcare to employment services through case management approaches

Those in the recovery program provide volunteer help with program operations, taking responsibility for meal serving and cleanup, laundry, security, and other functions - all aspects of the mutual-help approach. Graduates provide volunteer leadership for the educational components and other services. Graduates also have access to "tune-up" services to keep them on the road of recovery.

To Contact Us or To Make Contributions

Phone:  765.935.3000
Fax: 765.965.4557
Email: hopehouserecovery@live.com
Program & Office: 275 Grove Road
P.O. Box 1828
Richmond, IN  47375
(on the grounds of Richmond State Hospital)
Make contributions payable to Hope House and mail to the PO Box indicated above..


HOPE HOUSE Addiction Recovery Center is a program of the Richmond/Wayne County Halfway House. Local founders were inspired by The Healing Place, a nationally recognized, effective homeless services and recovery program model, in Louisville, KY.


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Richmond native, C. Francis Jenkins, is recognized as the inventor of the first motion picture projector and was a pivotal inventor in early television.