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Put Your Company on the Web.   Only $400/year!!

Your Company Name Here
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This section can hold an explanation of what your business does, where it is located, and why the visitor should become your customer!  Don't forget to include your business hours. Package price includes up to 1 - 12pt. 8 1/2" x 11" page of typed text. 

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Up to three (3) images are included in the package price.  We suggest a photo of your business or your product.

Your package price includes a total of three (3) pictures, logos, or clip art.   You may choose to include a map for your customers, a second picture, a piece of clip art (choose from our book of 125,000!), or maybe a coupon - to help you determine how many people are seeing your ad.

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Your Company's Name
Your Company's Address
City, State, Zip

(765) 123-4567  Voice
(765) 123-7654  Fax

Your email address if you have one   - clickable.


Package Price - $400.00/year

One year's Business Membership in WayNet.

This includes linking to your page from our Member's Directory and the appropriate section of the Business Directory, Restaurant Directory, or Lodging Directory.  In addition, you will have access to our Member's only section.  Package price does not include an email account or Internet access. 

Up to 1 page of 8 1/2 x 11" 12 point typed text.
Up to 3 images - photos, logos, clip-art.
Scanning is provided for logos and pictures or they may be provided in digital form.  You may provide clip art for scanning or choose from our sets. 
Package price includes up to 30 minutes of web design time during the year for necessary updates or changes.
Any time over 30 minutes will be charged at our standard $50.00 per hour. 
Does NOT Include:
Internet access or an email account.
Please contact one of our local ISP's (Internet Service Provider) for this service.

Blue_Swirl30E0.gif (150 bytes) This package is recommended for businesses that will need few changes during the course of the year - a brochure or business card-type site.  If you are interested in a more extensive site, contact the Executive Director to obtain a listing of local web designers.

Blue_Swirl30E0.gif (150 bytes) All content on the site must conform with the WayNet Acceptable Use Policy.


To take advantage of this offer, contact Jane Holman, WayNet's Executive Director at (765) 939-0857.

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