Wayne County Connection: 2016 Guests

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12/27/2016 Government Denny Burns
Ken Paust
Mary Anne Butters
11/22/2016 Social Services Amanda Marquis, speaking on behalf of the Wayne County Women's Resource Network
Susan Isaacs, Wayne Township Trustee
10/25/2016 Education Jay Marshall, Dean of Earlham School of Religion, VP of Earlham College
Jeff Carter, President of Bethany Theological Seminary
9/27/2016 Sports & Recreation Joe Caudell, Deer Biologist
8/23/2016 Seniors Tony Foster, Director
7/26/2016 Libraries Paris Pegg, Director
Episode 2
Museums Sarah Mikesell Bradley, Director
Episode 1
Museums Sarah Mikesell Bradley, Director
4/26/2016 Things To Do Tom Butters, Executive Director
3/22/2016 Youth Bob Hansen, District Chair, Old Trail District
Marcy Crull, Membership Development Manager
2/23/2016 Business Jay Noel, Owner
1/26/2016 Social Services Amber Willeford, Executive Director
Brett Kranovich, Board President

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